Douluo H5: Snake King soul ring collocation, output bit and auxiliary bit soul ring collocation scheme

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Phosphorus snake emperor in the animal department of the soul, because the snake emperor poison passive soul technology attributes, strength coefficient among the douluo mainland H5 many of the soul division of the strong, erosion bone poison and fierce poison invasion is the famous feat of Biling snake Emperor, coupled with Dugu Bo and Dugu goose role feet, phosphorus snake emperor hit the late very strong.Snake huang soul ring collocation program: 1, brigitte p + purple poison toxic source of virulent + + corrosion bone divine erosion bone highly toxic and brigitte brigitte phosphorus in purple poisonous snake is at the core of the emperor, soul link configuration, all revolve around the advantages of these two soul ring, erosion bone virulent besides applying poisoning effect on enemy, extra bonuses can greatly shorten the soul skill of cooling time.Secondly, the source of deadly poison and green phosphorus divine light are output type soul ring, the source of deadly poison can enhance toxicity, and has round poisoning effect, and the source of deadly poison in the release of soul technology, at the same time can be stolen attributes, enhance their resistance, reduce the enemy lineup defense, with green phosphorus divine light can cause a fatal blow to the enemy.2, p + purple poison toxic source of phosphorus plough shield + + blue green fireflies to poison garden phosphorus plough shield belongs to the qualified soul ring, and there is no need to emphasize the strength coefficient, tie-in brigitte phosphorus fire and purple poison poison, enhance brigitte phosphorus plough shield resistance, reduce injury and restore their life value, snake poison when emperor although and output are very substantial, but defense of injury, and accused of reduction may be short.Bi Phosphorus purple poison and bi phosphofire poison double attribute superposition damage, the source of poison to enhance toxicity and attribute stealing, can strengthen itself, indirectly equivalent to strengthen the snake emperor’s soul technology, bi Phosphorus Tiangang shield as a defensive limit soul ring, but the snake emperor’s soul ring configuration lack tando defense, must be equipped with the soul ring.3, biphosphorus shenguang + Biphosphorus phosphorus fire poison + erosion bone poison + Biphosphorus Tiangang shield/biphosphorus cold poison biphosphorus shenguang in the soul ring configuration as the core of the soul ring, with Biphosphorus fire poison and cold poison, plus erosion bone poison cooling reduction CD and attribute gain, biphosphorus shenguang skill reduction with each round of attack, can be constantly superposition,Each battle can enter the state of the number of times only once, but once enough, the soul ring collocation tends to auxiliary type of soul ring collocation, snake king mainly to soul technology auxiliary teammates, provide attribute bonus.Moreover, the soul ring configuration without the soul of the real body grade restrictions, system play to enhance the team outbreak, biphosphorus shenguang and Biphosphorus Tiangang shield synchronous soul technology injury resistance and injury reduction, biphosphorus purple poison and biphosphorus cold poison can also assist the snake emperor at the same time, increase the additional high additional damage.