72-year-old Vera Wang celebrates Chinese New Year with four red dresses

2022-08-07 0 By

On February 1, local time, Vera Wang, known as the “Queen of wedding dresses,” said
Wang, posted a series of photos on social media to celebrate the Chinese New Year of the Tiger.One hand holding chopsticks, the other hand holding a martini glass, this combination of Chinese and Western dining style, will also reflect the characteristics of Vera Wang incisively and vividly, born in the United States, she is also an authentic Chinese, has been influenced by both Eastern and Western cultures.

For Vera Wang, the most proud of the two “cartoon legs”, slender and slender, especially with a pair of heels more than 10 cm, it is not very realistic feeling, but in reality such legs do belong to the queen of wedding dresses.Judging by wang’s tagging on the photo, she took the photo at a famous Chinese restaurant in New York City, Mr
Chow “, where she showed off her red collection for the Year of the Tiger and changed her dress four times in a row.

Wang Weiwei is not only a designer, but also by virtue of tall and slim body posture, hands-on as a model, and through her bask in care, it is difficult to accurately judge her actual age.In fact, Vera Wang is 72 years old, over 70, but it’s hard to tell from the photos, as she looks youthful in her knee-high red socks.

Vera wang is still recognizable, her long, straight hair is almost no change has occurred, as if this is a sign of her biggest and as straight hair is her slender legs, and she will be in the design of this advantage to own, whether that style of dress, in short, to make thin legs showing.And as a prestigious wedding dress designer, looking for her haute couture is also an endless stream of people, of course, she can not be for all the needs of the people “service”, like Bill Gates daughter Jennifer, such a level of bride, will get her favor.

Blogger’s opinion, although in many health alcohol is one of the “culprit” accelerate skin aging, but vera wang for liquor is very favour, have also made no secret of, occasionally will bask in the wine tasting, even launched a prosser, sparkling wine, claim to be specially prepared for the party.