Tongliao public security: fall on the “fine”, adhere to the fine, hidden trouble investigation more careful

2022-08-06 0 By

In order to support the production safety barrier of enterprises, the two levels of public security organs of the city vigorously carried out the investigation of hidden dangers of optimizing the law-based business environment.Investigate hidden dangers of public security.The public security departments of the two levels of public security organs of the city went deep into the explosives storehouse and fireworks warehouse of the area under their jurisdiction to conduct hidden trouble investigation on security facilities, explosive location, temperature and humidity, and ventilation.At the same time, the express logistics industry real-name system, airport security check, unpacking inspection to check the situation, for the production and operation of enterprises to reduce security risks, so far has been checked 16 hidden dangers of public security;Check traffic safety hazards.The traffic management departments of the two levels of public security organs of the city took the national and provincial lines as the main line of patrol, carried out hidden trouble investigation on the traffic signs and lines along the road prone to water logging, and timely added and adjusted the traffic safety facilities such as ban signs, warning signs and speed limit signs around the large enterprises under the jurisdiction, so as to maintain the good traffic order around the enterprises.At present, 125 potential traffic safety hazards have been investigated.Check the hidden danger of making drugs.The anti-drug departments of the municipal public security organs at the two levels went into remote warehouses and factories, abandoned factories, small processing plants and rented houses in the suburbs of the city to inspect the staff, machinery tools, water sources and water quality of places prone to drug production, drug trafficking and drug storage by illegal elements.At present, 3 hidden dangers of drug production have been investigated;Check network security risks.The city’s two levels of public security organs technical investigation (network security) department in-depth area of the Internet enterprises, take the initiative to help enterprises to solve the existing network security problems, build a firm enterprise staff network security awareness.So far, eight network security risks have been identified.