Overseas stick to the whole guarantee, shangcheng cadres do isolation of the masses guardian!

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On January 30, Fu Huaijie, a member of the Party Committee of the Science and Technology Bureau of Shangcheng District and director of the science and Technology Development Center, received a notice that he needed to be stationed at Pinghu in Jiaxing for a period of time.Since the outbreak of the epidemic in Hangzhou, due to the limited isolation of hotel rooms, some quarantined people in the upper city have to go to Jiaxing Pinghu and other places for isolation.Accompany in their side is a group of cadres from uptown, since January 28, district party committee standing committee led by the uptown, sent in succession by the uptown area district party committee united front, the district technology bureau, the regulatory office and other departments of the four working group 20 government cadres, with isolation workers fanned out in jiaxing, ningbo, huzhou and other three level 13 isolation level.They shoulder the burden, guarding the lights, Fu Huaijie is one of them.Statistical information, psychological counseling, food delivery, solving difficulties…These trivial work, became Fu Huaijie’s daily.”For quarantined people, we are their ‘mother family’ when they are in a foreign country. If they need help, they can come to us and we will help contact the local government.”Fu Huaijie said that in the past two days they have dealt with large and small problems.If there are a large number of elderly people and medical services need to be strengthened, they coordinate the increase of medical personnel at isolation points;Some people want to keep their medicine in the refrigerator, they will coordinate the refrigerator;Elderly people need to go to chemotherapy, they connect with the hospital and transfer car;When the child is sick and in need of medicine, they find someone to buy medicine…Not only that, when doing information comparison work, Fu Huaijie found that the second day is the birthday of an isolated personnel.That night, he sent a text message to the birthday girl: your birthday will be in 20 minutes. Happy birthday to you in advance…The next day, Fu Huaijie contacted the staff of the isolation point, and sent the birthday cake to each other’s hands, giving each other a surprise.It is the elderly who are most worried about being quarantined.”My mother has not slept well for three days. Her three organs have been removed, her blood pressure is high, her blood sugar is high, and she has taken all sleeping pills. Please help coordinate the prescription.”At 11:30 p.m. on January 29, the working group of Pinghu In Jiaxing, Shangcheng District, received an emergency call for help from the family of MAO, a quarantined person, just after the transfer personnel were settled.Since such drugs are prescribed and no such drugs are available in hospitals around the quarantine point, the Hangzhou medical insurance card cannot be used in Jiaxing.After contacting the medical team at the quarantine point, the shangcheng District pinghu working group in Jiaxing immediately contacted the Jiaxing Municipal Health bureau and delivered the medicine to Aunt MAO half an hour later.Taking into account Aunt MAO’s basic diseases, mental state and isolation categories, and according to the advice of the doctors at the isolation point, the working group contacted the upper urban district and the local streets to help Aunt MAO return to Hangzhou for isolation in multiple ways.At 11 a.m. on January 30, the health bureau of Shangcheng District and the staff of Xiaoying Street brought Aunt MAO back to Hangzhou.”My mother has arrived home and the street workers are looking after her on the way.We will comply with the epidemic prevention and control requirements and do a good job of isolation.Thank you so much!”On February 1, the morning of the first day of the New Year, Aunt Jiang felt dizzy and uncomfortable in jiashan isolation hotel, isolation point after a visit, the first time from 120 sent to jiashan First People’s Hospital for treatment.After receiving the news, the shangcheng working group in Jiashan rushed to the hospital where Jiang was staying without having lunch and coordinated with the Jiashan County Disease control office to arrange expert consultation.At 22 o ‘clock that evening, after confirming that the physical examination and nucleic acid test condition is good, the working group accompanied jiang all the way, escorted aunt Jiang back to the isolation hotel.”Thank you for your patience, attention and care.”Jiang expressed her gratitude to the working group and the staff at the quarantine point.The next day, after learning that the day is Aunt Jiang’s 77th birthday, the shangcheng working group in Jiashan and jiashan isolation point contact docking, specially for her birthday cake, flowers, longevity noodles.When Auntie Jiang opened the door and saw the surprise birthday ceremony, she was so excited that she thanked her.