“If you can’t afford a car, have a baby?”Pregnant woman on bus was ridiculed

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Some time ago, I saw a netizen share such a small story, and I was touched by it.One day during the morning rush hour, the bus was packed to the hilt, and a pregnant mother-to-be was very embarrassed.A young man sat on the seat for the elderly, the sick and the pregnant, and the passenger next to him reminded him that he should give up his seat.The young man stood up but muttered contemptuously, “If you can’t afford a car, why should you have a baby?”It was very embarrassing for the pregnant woman.When the pregnant woman was embarrassed, an old man in the back seat stood up and pointed at the young man with a frown and said: “Young man, what we see when giving birth to a child is not whether we have a house or a car, but whether we can educate the child well!If education is not good, it should not be born!”After listening to my uncle’s words, the people on the bus began to whisper laughter. The young man’s face was also blue and red and he said nothing.Although this thread’s authenticity has not been established, which reflects the social problem is real, I don’t know since when, for some, having children and family assets are the crucial link, “the poor” seems to have lost the life of the qualification, even is often considered to born baby is equivalent to selfishness, this value isn’t there a problem?Is poverty and wealth related to reproductive rights?Legally speaking, the reproductive right is the most basic right of human beings. No matter whether the family conditions are good or bad, everyone enjoys the reproductive right. Whether to have children is their own business, and others have no right to interfere.From a social point of view, according to the principle “and” in the history of economics, no matter what time, the elite of society are just a few, most people’s family background is the so-called “ordinary people”, can be classified as “poor”, if these people have no right to have children, so the human is not far from extinction, I’m afraid.From the perspective of families, although many families are not well off materially, parents are very responsible and give their children the best life within their ability. They never neglect spiritual education for their children, so that their children are grateful for life and grow up actively and healthily.On the contrary, although some children were born in rich material conditions of the family, but the parents did not do their due responsibility, in the absence of education and companionship, so that the child grew up on the crooked road, not only ruined their own life, but also harm the society.For example, Tianyi, the son of famous singer Li Shuangjiang, spent 10 years of his youth in prison for breaking the law.Therefore, poverty and wealth may be related to reproductive rights, but not absolutely. For most ordinary people, as long as they are willing to have children and can afford them, others have no right to criticize them.Of course, we do not rule out that some cases are indeed more extreme, such as some families have food and clothing problems, but still insist on “life regeneration”, and even want to change their fate by giving birth to children, resulting in the child will be born to face the “have no next meal” life;Or some families prefer sons over daughters in order to have endless sons. For such families, they really need to think twice before having a baby.”Poor” is not a terrible thing. Responsible parents are good parents. Some parents are poor financially, but they are able to give their children all they have and all their love.Some parents are not only unable to give their children enough material resources, but also hope to “turn over” by giving birth to children. The poorer they are, the poorer they are, and finally, the poorer they are, never fulfilling their responsibilities as parents.In fact poor family economic condition is not terrible, “poor” is only temporary, terrible is parents to rely on children to “roll over”, neglecting to give children the most basic care and love, finally make children in neither love, grew up in a family environment and can’t meet the demand of material, suffering from a native family pain.As parents of children, although we have the responsibility to create material resources for children, it is more important to pay attention to the spiritual guidance of children and do our best to raise happy children.Now that we have passed the era of material scarcity, even relatively poor families are not too poor in basic food and clothing.In this era, it is more important for parents to accompany their children, observe their children’s heart, and cultivate children who are healthy in heart and know how to obtain happiness.Old seedlings epilogue: rich and poor children and itself is not the absolute, “doll” and “keep her” never is one thing, with its focus on “should the poor child”, we should attach importance to, is how to give children a better education spirit, this is far more important than material wealth.Today’s topic: Do you think there is a connection between family wealth and having children?I am old miao – a super dad after 80, is also the most eye-catching male nurse in the hospital, welcome to discuss the pregnancy problem, also ask you to pay attention to the old miao.