7 from 12, 2 from 3, 18 points in the half!In matchups between giants, you’re not afraid

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The loss to Portland wasn’t just hard for lakers fans to take, it was the fact that the lakers didn’t send a message to themselves, and they couldn’t blame Westbrook for missing his first game of the season.After losing to Portland and failing to land anyone in free agency, the lakers had to accept the end.Today they travel to the Golden State Warriors for second place in the western Conference.In the starting lineup, westbrook returns today, the Lakers put James + Westbrook + Brow + Bradley + Johnson in the starting lineup, the Warriors side of the splash brothers led, with Rooney + Wiggins + Kunminga.In the first quarter, there was a lot of back and back, with Lebron James adding a lesson to Kuemin and getting fouled for shooting and Curry beating Bradley for a 2-and-1. But at the end of the first quarter, Chou made a stupid mistake and was fouled for a 3-pointer by Poole. Pu ‘er made three free throws to extend the Warriors lead to six points.The lakers were scoreless for three possessions, gave up two rebounds, and the Warriors scored from the outside and inside, forcing the lakers to call the first timeout of the second quarter after Poole’s 3-pointer extended golden State’s lead to 13.Back from a timeout, Monk missed a layup and Curry hit a 3-pointer that was deemed an early foul. Porter missed a 3-pointer, but the Lakers committed a turnover. Curry stole and set up Porter’s 2-point play for a 15-point lead.For the lakers, it was James, ariza’s three-point airball, and Lebron James’s two-point rebound was the lakers’ first field goal of the second quarter.Beilitsa grabbed two rebounds and drew defensive fouls, but missed both free throws, and Westbrook used his body to beat Curry for two.But the Warriors’ basket was too accurate, and Thompson hit a three-pointer from the bottom corner to keep the lead at 14.The good news was that Tucker and James each hit first-class threes to get the lead down to single digits and the Warriors called a timeout.On the way back from a timeout, Klay’s shot was blocked by Lebron James, Reeves hit a 3-pointer from the outside, and Kuminga dunked. The Lakers were fouled for 24 seconds by the Warriors, and Lebron was benched and westbrook led the way.By the end of the quarter, the lakers were able to pull within three points at halftime.It was a close game in the first half, and the Lakers were able to come back to within three after the Warriors led by as much as 15.Cole’s talent on the court was validated, and cooper’s name, combined with his defensive and offensive performance in the first half, really impressed everyone.But if you had to pick the best player from the first half, it really had to be Lebron.He shot 7-of-12 from the field at halftime, made two crucial 3-pointers, and had 18 points, six rebounds and four assists in the first half.In this matchup with Curry, lebron is still on top, fearless, and it’s up to the two of them to win in the second half.