Ningyuan: The dry group is busy planting trees up the mountain

2022-08-05 0 By

Rednet moment February 8 – (correspondent Li Yanjun Wei Yinghui Li Zhen he Congfang) The first day of the Spring Festival, Ningyuan county cadres and workers to carry out voluntary tree-planting activities, set off a forestation boom.Hu Yonggang, secretary of the County Party Committee, MAO Zheng, deputy secretary of the county Party Committee, and Liao Jinsong, Cao Huizheng, Li Ling, Jiang Hongbo, Li Junlin, Chen Liyong, Ouyang Guochun, Hu Red Light and other county leaders attended the tree planting activities.Early in the morning, cadres and workers from 113 units in the county, in accordance with the requirements of epidemic prevention and control, came to the mountain top of Dayudi Village, Dongxi street next to Ningjia Highway to carry out voluntary tree-planting activities.We dig holes, seedlings, soil, step solid, every process is meticulous, combined planted hits the green saplings.After a vigorous labor, rows of saplings scattered at random, standing in the wind, decorated the barren hillside with life.A total of 275 mu of trees were planted in the morning, including Schima superba, Sweetgum and cypress.In recent years, Ningyuan county has thoroughly implemented Xi Jinping’s ecological civilization thought, set “ecological county” as the primary development strategy, adhere to the road of green development, and the ecological environment is improving day by day.This is the eighth consecutive year that Ningyuan has carried out the voluntary tree-planting activity on the first day of the Spring Festival, which not only promotes the voluntary tree-planting and green environmental activities, but also enhances the national awareness of protecting and improving the ecological environment, which has far-reaching significance.Despite the light rain, clothes covered with muddy water, but we sweat, planted hits the seedlings, with practical action to support the creation of a national forest city, together to build a better home.We have said that to continue to carry forward this good style, set off the county’s afforestation, greening ningyuan climax, and constantly improve the living environment.”Today is our first day at work. It is very meaningful and honorable to participate in this voluntary tree-planting activity. We are using our practical actions to build our own green Ningyuan.”County people’s Armed forces emergency detachment xia Liwei said.Wenmiao sub-district people’s Congress deputy director Wang Chaofan said: “we use action to practice the ecological development concept of green home, not only beautify the environment, but also enhance the cadres and the masses of afforestation environmental awareness.”