Light up the heart lamp: Yunxiao Teacher mental health crisis Intervention Project set sail

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In March 2022, Yunxiao County fully launched the “Warm cloud City • Light up the heart lamp:Teachers safe guard 10 million action “public welfare projects to online, a combination of individual counseling and community service, to 10 villages and towns (development zone), 100 schools, 3000 teachers to provide psychological stress, emotional guidance, health education, emergency rescue training and interpersonal adjustment, crisis intervention, career planning, legal d…In March 2022, Yunxiao County fully launched the “Warm cloud City • Light up the heart lamp:The public welfare project of “Teachers safe Guarding ten hundred thousand Action” integrates online and offline, and combines individual consultation and group services.10 towns (development zones), 100 schools, 3,000 teachers to provide psychological decompression, emotional counseling, health education, emergency training, interpersonal relationship adjustment, crisis intervention, career planning, legal protection, social resources link and other professional services, the project will benefit 40,000 teachers and students.We will encourage more social forces to provide targeted help and support to urban and rural teachers and education.The project was jointly carried out by yunxiao County Education Bureau and rainbow Social Work Center, Rainbow Public Welfare Federation and Rainbow Volunteer Team. By means of expert lectures, group counseling and individual consultation, the mechanism of teachers’ mental health care was established, and teachers’ mental health problems were fully emphasized.The important contents of teachers’ mental health care are to mediate teachers’ psychology, help teachers eliminate psychological obstacles, improve teachers’ psychological accomplishment and promote teachers’ professional happiness.In recent years, Yunxiao County has focused on the construction of social psychological service system by focusing on psychological education and counseling activities in schools.Implement the “construction of mechanism system is the premise, the psychological science communication is the foundation, the psychological health education is the fundamental, mental health service is the key, cultivate professional personnel training is the key, the social organizations is the important link, the psychological impact assessment is the reach mark” such as concept, from the government, family, school and society to different dimensions,Help teachers and students to set up “the sun every day, every moment, love others health and happiness life” consciousness, and gradually build a “psychological knowledge popularization as the front, the psychological problems in monitoring for conciliation, psychological crisis intervention assistance to end” of the “mental health service chain” all the way, form a social psychological service model with the characteristic of the roller.Declaration: The copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through the mailbox, we will promptly deal with.Email address: