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On February 3rd, Chinese women’s ice hockey team will play Czech Republic.This is the fourth time for Chinese women to appear on the stage of the Winter Olympics, and it is also the first time for Chinese women to write on the answer sheet after hibernating for 12 years.Only three of the 23-member team participated in the 2010 Vancouver Olympics, defenders Yu Baiwei and Liu Zhixin and forward Zhang Mengying, and their experience is a valuable asset.Yu Bowei, who has played for 24 years, is a solid defensive player. Liu Zhixin is no longer the 16-year-old rookie who made her first international appearance at the Vancouver Winter Olympics. In 2017, she scored the first point by a Chinese native player for Kunlun Red Star, and in 2018, she played in the Canadian Women’s Hockey League playoffs.In 2020, he contributed 5 goals and 9 assists for the team to win the Russian Women’s Hockey League Championship and played 114 games, the first Chinese player to reach 100 games in Kunlun Hongxing Men’s and Women’s Hockey Club. In 2020, he was selected to the Russian Women’s Hockey League All-Star Team.Scored 3 goals and 4 assists for 7 points in 21 games in the 2021-2022 Russian Women’s Hockey League.Zhang Mengying was the youngest athlete in the Chinese sports delegation to the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics. In the 2013-2014 season, she wore the vice captain armband at the age of 20. She has been running in the front line of scoring, and was the best forward, scorer and top scorer in group A B of the 2015 Women’s Ice Hockey World Championship.In addition, there are more new faces on the Chinese team. 27-year-old forward Fang Xin, nicknamed “Turbo” for her speed, was the 2019 World Championship Group A B MOST Valuable Player and scored two goals in the Russian Women’s Hockey League this season.”I’ve wanted to go to the Winter Olympics since I was 14.”Fang said she wrote Stephen Curry’s famous phrase “I can do anything” on her water bottle.There are good players among the 13 forwards, with 20-year-old Kang Mulan leading the Russian Women’s Hockey League with 21 points in 22 games this season, Lin Qiqi with 19 and Lin Ni with 16, respectively. Miller and Rebecca were members of shenzhen Vanke Sunshine’s winning season in 2020.Rebecca played under head coach Brian Idalski while in college, and Miller was a two-time UNDER-18 world champion.To old with the new defender, apart from the BaiWei and Liu Zhixin, the team also known as “Fried” king of veteran Wang Yuting 30 years old, she has a very rich experience in the game, played in stepping up world championships and the silver medal, 2013 women’s hockey league draft draft in Canada, is made of the back “engine”, is a lot of season the team defender with the highest scores,Ten years of grinding has made her more composed.Zhao Qinan, Li Qianhua, Huang Huier and Fei Anna are also growing up. Zhao Qinan won the National championship for many times and was a runner-up at the 2017 Asian Winter Games. In the 2021-2022 Russian Women’s Hockey League, he scored 2 goals and 3 assists in 19 games.Hwang was selected eastern Hockey League Rookie of the month in October in her first year as a freshman at the University of Connecticut in the NHL in 2018.Fianna was a member of the 2020 NHL regular-season championship team.Li Qianhua, 19, represents the future of Women’s ice in China. She has excelled on China’s U18 national team and her participation in the Winter Olympics has been crucial to her development.The fewest of the 23 were goalkeepers, with only three.She was the starting goalkeeper of Princeton University for four consecutive years. In the 2020-2021 Russian Women’s Ice Hockey League, she ranked first in the success rate of saves, goals allowed per game and zero shutouts.Best goalkeeper of the Russian Women’s Hockey League in 2021.Wang yuqing was the top player in Group A B of the 2018 Women’s World Championships and twice represented China at the World University Winter Games.Chen, 19, is the youngest player in the Russian Women’s Hockey League. She has made 188 saves in nine rounds this season, winning six games and shutting out three, with a save success rate of 94.5% per game and allowing 1.21 goals per game.The head coach of the Chinese women’s ice hockey team is Brian Idalski.Idalski has been coaching women’s ice hockey for nearly 20 years.While coaching at the university of North Dakota, the head coach of the Danish women’s team, former Head coach of the Swedish national team Petter.Ilander has been co-coach for seven years, and is now the main force of the Finnish national team Thapani, Karvinen, Denmark striker Jakobsen are his senior apprents.After taking over shenzhen Kunlun Hongstar Vanke Sunshine Hockey Team in 2019, he won the Russian Women’s Hockey League championship in his first year and reached the finals in his second year.Can Chinese women ice make surprises under his guidance?