The annual Spring Festival fun meeting is here again!Has the legendary Guangdong red envelope shrunk this year?

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The annual Spring Festival fun conference online again?The legendary Guangdong red envelope?Bear children???Too much concern??Thinking of this, suddenly don’t want to go home for the Spring Festival guangdong New Year’s Money per capita 50 percent of the national “a clean stream” carved into the DNA of guangdong pragmatic spirit??Guangdong liis, the red envelope is very thick ha opened a look at five or six 1 mosquito stuffed with immature all five mosquito ripe point on 20, 50 can open a piece of red paper are blind box red envelope precious hidden money!Chaoshan people in Guangdong province said: “jiaoji people” can not experience the New Year red envelopes are basically 200 starting, but red envelopes are actually a good idea!Apart from the red envelopes?There are also hundreds of millions of reasons why they don’t want to go home for the Spring Festival.”Seven days off, five days and unfamiliar relatives fake smile” New Year’s Day home for the young people now is simply a game to break through the most afraid of air suddenly quiet ear spread aunt and aunt’s care 360 degrees surround magic sound irrigation ear?Enter the pass no. 1: single dog “have male (female) friends, aunt sister to introduce you a” “to tell aunt, like what kind of” you think is not a single dog can escape a bullet??Intruder no. 2: The newlyweds “when are they going to have a baby?” “Let go of the three babies, give birth to two more babies, and have a companion.” (This is when we print money or ATM?)??‍?Recruit 3: social animals think Chinese New Year holiday escape party a’s father was a wonderful can hea is we want to “earn a month how many ah” “promotion is not” over the friends and relatives that shut in little of course not every leap into a batch of bear children after a “disaster” also downplaying his lady excuse “to” “New Year” (really?Conveniently located in your heart area and shopping area.?Hurriedly horses live 1, hiding anything in advance of various precious hands do 2, a diversion, cosmetics, electronic equipment ready in advance some dolls, cars, snacks that bear children won’t run around for at least 3, killer (as a kid, I became the most hated the aunt) “which subject best ah” “how have the final exam ah” said to the child the wallet it a shiver think lucky moneyThe age of how to use it is gone forever, but in the blink of an eye, we have to send red envelopes and have no ability to send embarrassing period. Finally, our parents have been looking forward to our return home. “When will they come back?And when I return home for the Spring Festival, my parents’ love is decreasing day by day as shown in the picture below. Finally, I should cherish the time of the Spring Festival, because after the Spring Festival, you may not be happier