Special operations episode 33: Qin Guan Ning Moon disguised as husband and wife

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Qin Guan and Ning Meng disguised as husband and wife, zhu boss is a supplier into the hotel and associates to meet, Zhu boss let a person to find a hidden corner to install a bomb, after the chaos into the Oqi room killed him.In order to play a good husband and wife, Qin guan and Ning Meng had to live in the same hotel, and they got along with each other awkwardly. Apart from Ning Lei, it was the first time for Ning Meng to live in the same room with the opposite sex.Ning Meng worried that he would not know what to wear when he went to sleep. After all, it was very awkward to wear hotel pajamas. Qin Guan sighed helplessly.The next day.Tong Mengyao found the monitoring fault quickly investigation, Qin Guan and Ning Meng quietly notified the public security department, temporarily found no other abnormalities, but the terrorists also through the identity of maintenance personnel into the hotel.Wu Jie suddenly stopped Chen editor said to chat with her, S group was founded by him and Wu Mei, Wu Mei gave it to a butcher.Wu Jie had refused to rebel, zhu boss beat a meal, in S group, they only wu Mei a boss.Chen chief editor to maintenance workers into the identity of the hotel, and brought in the bomb, because the power is not connected to the instrument did not find.Tong Mengyao found that maintenance workers disappeared a person, quickly inform Jing Ke.Maintenance workers quietly installed a time bomb, Jing Ke to ask when he was told that another person to repair the line, the surface looks like there is no abnormal.In ten minutes, the bomb will go off, and the terrorists will kill Ozzie with a shard of ceramic they’ve already prepared.Hotel surface looks a quiet, But Guo Xiaowei found terrorists hidden time bomb, Qin Guan let him immediately notify the public security department.Tong Mengyao has been monitoring, only maintenance is the most suspicious, but the power of the bomb is not enough to kill Oqi, Qin Guan is very rely on understand the purpose of the bomb is to create chaos to kill, and the terrorists must now hide in the nearest place from Oqi.Qin Guan let Chen Haozhe with a team of people keep in the door of the ouqi room, he and Ning Moon began to investigate.Bomb explosion time only left a minute, Ning Meng and Qin Guan found a male and a female two terrorists fighting in the stairwell, the terrorists inadvertently killed each other.And Guo Xiaowei and Wang Yu are nervous in explosive disposal, finally rob the successful demolition of the bomb before the explosion.Qin guan and the police have a meeting to find that the terrorists infiltrated the hotel three months ago. Tomorrow, Oqi will have a lot of important events, and the organizers will also disrupt the travel order to ensure his safety.At the groundbreaking ceremony, Ozzie gave a speech, and bluestone lurked around in various incarnations.Terrorists snipers are in place, to take the opportunity to kill Oqi, Tong Mengyao listened to their recording and hurriedly reported to Qin Guan, but the positioning was not successful, Tong Mengyao will use drones to search for suspicious personnel, blue electricity again quietly close to Oqi to protect him.The drone quickly spots someone suspicious, the sniper shows up, and Ozzie could be in danger.Yang Shu and Qu Bo ambush in sniper point, Ning Meng led everyone to search separately, found the footprints left by the sniper to continue to track.Qin guan wants to talk to Ouqi face to face, but is stopped by his bodyguards. Qin can only hope for Yang Shu and Qu Bo.Qu Bo soon found traces of the sniper, but the other side also found them, two people had to replace the sniper point.After discovering the terrorist target Yang Shu immediately shot the target, avenged Lin Yi.One terrorist was killed today, but there could be more sleeper cells.Oqi and his wife wanted to go out alone. Qin Guan tried to stop them, but Oqi said something in Ning Meng’s ear.Ningmeng and Qin Guan accompanied Ouqi and his wife to experience the local conditions and customs of Yanzhou, and Ouqi wished them a happy marriage in a hundred years. Both of them felt uncomfortable for a while.As the players heckled, Qin tried to explain that he was a very conservative person.The next day, Wu Mei came to Yanzhou, personally supervise their own plan, this time not only to kill Oqi, but also blow up the whole new energy venue!Oqi will go to the opening ceremony in a few hours. Ning Meng and Qin Guan pretend to be a couple.