Daily information on Culture and Tourism market of Sichuan Province during the 2022 Spring Festival Holiday (Feb 4)

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Today (February 4) is the fifth day, the winter Olympics in 2022, the lunar New Year holiday opening day, the provincial culture and tourism system, conscientiously implement the provincial party committee, provincial government, culture and tourism holiday work deployment, solid fake Japanese tour market, rich and optimize the brigade products supply, the province travel market continues to heat up, keep smooth safety norms and orderly.As of 15:00 today, the 695 A-level scenic spots included in the statistics of the province have received 15.254,500 tourists in five days and realized ticket revenue of 139,918,500 yuan.Compared with 654 key scenic spots included in the statistics in 2021, the cumulative number of visitors over the five days increased by 15.17 percent and the cumulative ticket revenue by 17.21 percent.In aba Prefecture, Ganzi Prefecture, Liangshan Prefecture and Panzhihua City, 150 A-level tourist attractions received 1,360,500 tourists in five days and realized ticket revenue of 5,474,200 yuan.Compared with 113 key scenic spots included in the statistics in 2021, the total number of visitors in the five days increased by 29.77%.The province’s libraries, cultural centers and museums received 1,612,600 people in five days.Two, the main characteristics of the first is the Spring Festival and winter Olympics collision to stimulate market vitality.The Winter Olympic Games in Beijing will be officially kicked off. Snow and ice sports have ignited the enthusiasm of tourism consumption. Tourists are enthusiastic about snow watching, playing and skiing during the Spring Festival holiday.Optical haze mountain basin, MiCangShan, empty mountain day scenic spots such as snow, snow attracted many tourists go to play, Wang Gang ping, bifengxia, mengding mountain resort, horn, Long Cang ditch, dawa river more firm, it features such as scenic spot because of ice and snow scenery in large passenger flow, floral water bay hot spring resort, duke of zhou shan hot springs resort area, grass lasts hot springs town.Some popular scenic spots set a new record for one-day tourism and income, xiling Snow Mountain scenic spot received 14,000 tourists a day, a year-on-year increase of 40%, Zengjiashan ski resort received 17,000 tourists a day, achieving a comprehensive income of 3.6 million yuan.Second, the characteristic activities are full and wonderful.The excellent traditional folk culture of Spring Festival has been deeply explored and organically integrated into Spring Festival activities.Bazhong Wanghong Village “Planting dream West Wing” scenic spot newly launched west Wing “chicken running”, ten big bowls, farm dishes and other more than 30 rural food, water-loving bamboo raft, outdoor camping, bonfire party and other more than 20 amusement programs, attract tourists to experience clocking.Suining city, with the theme of “Suining invites you to Spring Festival across thousands of years”, held large-scale immersive experience activities of Tang dynasty, Song Dynasty and The Tide of the Republic of China in relevant scenic spots.Emei Mountain has launched the Intangible cultural Heritage parent-child experience, the Charm between light and shadow emei — “Welcome The New Year, The Year of the Tiger” photography exhibition, and the Spring Festival Garden party of “Only Mount Emei”, which presents the Year of the Tiger to the White Dragon Cave heritage Site. These activities provide tourists with intangible cultural heritage cultural display, fun games, and special food experience, so that tourists can experience the unique taste of the New Year in happiness.Neijiang launched an online “cultural banquet”, including a medium-sized puppet show on the head of a stick, “Home Year of Culture – Live Video broadcast” and “Online performance of tiger Roaring Sweet City to Welcome the Spring Festival”, to enrich people’s festive life and promote traditional culture.Third, new products and forms of business are favored by tourists.Sushanping, Bazhou District, Bazhong City, with the theme of “Accompanied by childhood, snow and ice fairy tale Night”, held a series of activities such as fireworks show, spring light show, online celebrity punch-card, Hanfu parade and so on, attracting a large number of tourists to the park.Neijiang Guyu Fishing Village Scenic spot Xiangyi Valley launched a variety of projects, such as water bike, through the jungle, water Internet red bridge, Internet Red Buddha hand, Internet red water wheel battle boat, Wanhua Valley scenic spot launched a special hot spring project, “One Hundred Years of Memory Forging ahead” held outside the Daqian Happy World to welcome the Spring Festival photography exhibition, widely praised.The Internet celebrity scenic spots represented by Dongpo Water Street have become the main destinations of “night tour”, “night shopping”, “night entertainment” and “night food” for the urban masses. They are increasingly attractive to experience multi-dimensional immersive tourism in the atmosphere of lighting and stage design.Zigong Chinese Lantern World Scenic Spot launched 5 divisions and 14 new lantern groups with the theme of “Observing Zigong Lanterns · Celebrating the Chinese New Year” to carry out garden activities, and the ticket booking volume reached the peak on that day.Fourth, the fine management service makes the tourists feel warm.Leshan Giant Buddha Scenic Spot innovated the implementation of the new service mode of “post + Post” and “outside the scenic spot + inside the scenic spot”, opened the through train to benefit the people and the green channel for special groups, and extended the service breadth.The mount Emei scenic spot offers free tea and ginger soup to tourists, and the tour bus adds “love bags” equipped with simple medicines such as motion sickness pills and Band-aids.Dujiangyan opens parking lots of government offices and public institutions to tourists for free, and has set up volunteer service posts for Party members and warm service stations at key scenic spots to provide tourists with warm, convenient and humanized tourism consulting services.In view of the large passenger flow and traffic flow, Xiling Snow Mountain Scenic spot sets “place code” along the main traffic road to strengthen traffic diversion and facilitate tourists’ smooth travel.Panzhihua continues to release weather, traffic and other holiday travel tips in real time through radio, wechat public account and wechat video, so that tourists can enjoy themselves and enjoy themselves.All parts of the province have taken measures for epidemic prevention and control and production safety in a-level scenic spots and other cultural and tourism sites, implemented the requirements of “limit, reservation and off-peak” opening and “three more and two more”, increased market inspections and inspections on holidays, and proactively provided heart-warming services such as free parking for tourists.No major tourism safety accidents and major tourist complaints have been received in the provincial cultural tourism market, and no major negative public opinion has occurred.Sichuan Culture and Tourism Industry Leading Group Office February 4, 2022