After six years, Jacky Cheung reappeared on the screen, customs Front officially started filming, 61 years old still handsome

2022-08-04 0 By

On April 6, the film of criminal investigation that already long by break the news “customs front” formal boot is shot, the play crew also released the photo of main actor that take part in, numerous Hong Kong star is the same as frame again, also be the memory that instantly hook up a public.Tse also took on his first role as an action choreographer. He said in an interview that he wanted to make action movies from the beginning, and now that there are not many action movies in Hong Kong, he wanted to bring it back.Jacky cheung also said that he had not been in a film for a long time, and thanked the film’s “bold” to invite him.The interview also took the opportunity to amway himself, hope that everyone to find him filming, but also appealed to everyone to find him shooting comedy.The two were last seen together 12 years ago in Hot Day in Town. At that time, Tse was only 30 years old. Now he is over 40, but his last film, Man on Fire, still looks handsome.Jacky Cheung is now 61, put on the uniform or can see him heroic, full of vitality.Quite youthful, this is cheung’s first film to return to the screen after six years.These Hong Kong stars are never old, even if they are in their 60s.In fact, this “Customs Front” mainly tells the story about customs investigation of smuggling and criminal gangs. Although the story of customs is rarely touched on in film and television works, this kind of police and gangster movies are common to us, especially in Hong Kong police and gangster movies, those classic bridge segments and rooftop still impress fans.I don’t know if this film can bring us different wonderful ideas. Will Nicholas Tse as action director reproduce the blood of “Angry Man”?In recent years, the Hong Kong film theme of the film and television works always let us down, even if the big stars gathered it is difficult to show the past wonderful, I do not know whether Tse and Jacky Cheung can break this situation?Let’s wait and see.