1-1!The premier League’s top four teams were all rewarded with a draw at West Ham united, unbeaten in six games

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West Ham united VS Newcastle United in round 26 of the Premier League on Feb 19.In the first half, Dawson scored and Willock equalized.Neither team scored in the second half.In the end, the 1-1 score held.In the Current Premier League table, West Ham are fifth on 41 points while Newcastle are fourth from bottom on 21.It was a crucial game for both teams: West Ham, who reached fourth;Newcastle, with a game more to play, are just four points above the relegation zone.Dawson broke the deadlock in the 31st minute.Half time, willock in front of the goal.The second half yi Bian again, the two teams did not score.West Ham united drew 1-1 with Newcastle united, each taking a point.For Newcastle, a point against West ham is also a good end.After this game, Newcastle are now unbeaten in six games: 1-1 at Manchester United, 1-1 at Watford, 1-0 at Leeds, 3-1 at Everton, 1-0 at Aston Villa and 1-1 at West Ham.Money, then, is what football is all about – buying people, or Newcastle, the new big money, will be unable to avoid relegation this season.West ham united draw, for Manchester United, Arsenal, Wolves, Tottenham Hotspur, the big four are undoubtedly good news.This round, Manchester United away at Leeds, Arsenal at Brentford, Wolves at Leicester City, Tottenham away at Manchester City.The final four of the Premier League is going to get tighter and tighter.If United can win, it will certainly open up the gap to the teams behind them.West Ham starters: 1- Fabianski, 24- Fredericks, 15- Craig Dawson, 4- Zouma, 3- Cresswell, 41- Rice, 28- Shoczek, 20- Bowen, 22- Ben Rahma, 8- Fornals, 9- Antonio Newcastle:1 Dubravka, 5 Schar, 13 Taggart, 17 Kraft, 33 Dan Byrne, 8 Shelvey, 21 Fraser, 23 Jacob Murphy, 28 Willock, 7 Jolington, 20 Chris Wood