Zhang Gujiang: Speed up innovation, green development, high-quality development, and promote the development of Tangshan ceramic industry to create a brilliant

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Zhang Gujiang emphasized in the research of ceramic enterprises to speed up the development of innovation, green development, high quality development to promote the development of Tangshan ceramic industry to create brilliant Li Li Chen Yu participate in the Bohai Sea News network news (reporter Li Xiang) On February 12, provincial CPPCC vice chairman, party secretary Zhang Gujiang went to our city some ceramic enterprises research.Nineteen he stressed that must further implement the party’s spirit and the 19th session of the previous session, the full implementation of provincial and municipal party congress, provincial and municipal “two sessions” and four plenary session of the 11th party policy decisions, optimize the industrial layout, speed up the transformation and upgrading, accelerate innovation and development, green development, high quality development, promote the development of tangshan ceramic industry create brilliant.Municipal standing committee, propaganda minister Li Li, municipal standing committee, secretary General Chen Yu, vice Mayor Zhang Yuexian attended.On February 12, zhang Gujiang, vice chairman of the Provincial COMMITTEE of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC) and secretary of the Municipal Party Committee, went to investigate some ceramic enterprises in our city.This is Zhang Gujiang in Tangshan Wenlv Red Rose Culture Development Co., Ltd. carefully listen to the staff to explain, and ask the enterprise production technology, marketing, profitability, product characteristics and so on.Zhang Gujiang first came to Tangshan Boyu Ceramic Culture Creative Co., LTD., listen to the overall situation of the city’s ceramic industry report, and visited the enterprise product exhibition hall, art creation room, and ceramic arts and crafts master exchange.He pointed out that we should dig deeply and carry forward tangshan ceramics history and culture, pay attention to the innovation and creativity of products, improve the technological content, design sense and added value of products, and strive to make products delicate, meticulous and extreme.In Tangshan Wenlu Red Rose Culture Development Co., LTD., exquisite pieces of daily porcelain and artistic porcelain exhibition hall, fully display the unique charm of Tangshan ceramic art.Zhang Gujiang stopped to watch from time to time, listened to the staff’s explanation carefully, and asked about the enterprise’s production technology, marketing, profitability, product characteristics and other information.Zhang Gujiang said, to promote the in-depth integration of ceramic industry and cultural tourism industry, combined with tangshan’s actual situation, give full play to technical advantages, launch a batch of integration of excellent cultural and creative ceramic products, further enhance the competitiveness of the product market.In Tangshan Asia Times Ceramics Co., LTD., Zhang Gujiang carefully listened to the development of the enterprise and product introduction, and went into the production workshop to understand the production process of artistic ceramics in detail.He stressed the need to carry forward the “craftsman spirit”, optimize the production process, enrich the functions of products, enhance the value of products, strengthen the awareness of intellectual property protection, and boost the enterprises to become bigger and stronger.During the research, Zhang gujiang emphasized that Tangshan is known as China’s “northern porcelain capital”, and ceramics have become a beautiful “business card” of Tangshan.All levels and departments should fully implement the decision and deployment of the CPC Central Committee and provincial and municipal party committees, implement the new development concept completely, accurately and comprehensively, and promote the innovative development, green development and high-quality development of Tangshan ceramic industry.It is necessary to speed up the transformation and upgrading of the ceramic industry, implement the national “double carbon” strategy, optimize technology, improve quality, create brands, and promote the development of the ceramic industry to green and high-end.To promote the in-depth integration of ceramic industry and cultural and tourism industry, focus on innovation, creativity, creation and entrepreneurship, based on the advantages of Tangshan, pay attention to in-depth excavation, inherit the historical context, make features and highlights, and constantly give the development of ceramic industry new connotation of The Times.It is necessary to strengthen platform construction, make good use of tangshan China Ceramics Expo as a good platform, inject vitality and kinetic energy into industrial development, and further polish the golden sign of “Northern Porcelain Capital”.We should strengthen the concept of “project is king” and, based on the reality of industrial development, plan and implement a number of large and good projects with good market prospects, high economic returns and strong driving capacity. We should strive to foster new growth points and welcome the opening of the 20th CPC National Congress with outstanding achievements.The city directly related departments, kaiping district responsible for the main comrades to attend.