Wonderful Winter Olympics | 560 sets of box houses in Wen ‘an, Hebei to serve Beijing Competition area

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The picture shows a box house designed for the National Stadium (Bird’s Nest) by Hebei Jiaqiang Energy-saving Technology Co., LTD.Interviewees provide cable connection and tuyere blocking……On February 7, xie Pengpeng, a technical worker from Hebei Jiaqiang Energy-saving Technology Co., LTD in Wen ‘an County, was working methodically in the media broadcasting room of the National Stadium (Bird’s Nest), which needed to lay lines and connect electricity.Xie and his colleagues have been working in the venues of the Beijing Area of the Beijing Winter Olympics for a whole month since January 8, when they entered closed-loop management.In many venues of the Beijing Winter Olympics, simple boxes made of environmentally friendly boards will be seen. The boxes are similar in appearance, except for the sign at the door indicating their different uses.These temporary facilities play an important role in the winter Olympics.Hebei Jiaqiang Energy-saving Technology Co., Ltd. undertook the construction task of 560 boxes in Beijing Competition area.Although the company has participated in the construction of national and provincial key temporary construction projects such as Wuhan Huoshen Mountain and Beijing Xiaotangshan Mountain for many times, the construction standard of Beijing Winter Olympic Venues temporary facilities is higher and more difficult.Upon receiving the construction task on August 30, 2021, Hebei Jiaqiang Energy Saving Technology Co., Ltd. set up an independent project team and assigned experienced on-site project managers to liaise with boCOG in real time.From preliminary design to product production, from goods transportation to site installation, every step is controlled and supervised by specialized personnel to ensure quality.Ya-jun zhang, director of the company project is introduced, in order to ensure stable structure in low temperature and indoor heat preservation, the company at the winter Olympic Games using box-type room made a big upgrade on material, and in strict accordance with the China architecture design and research institute, Beijing architectural design institute of material production, to ensure that comply with the Beijing games organizers acceptance criteria.Entering the box room in the stadium, it was warm despite the cold weather.In order to achieve the ideal warm, fire protection effect, they are in the box roof part, the bottom are thickened insulation layer, special custom A class fire doors and Windows, and the indoor ground in accordance with the national standard A1 class fire treatment.Structural system of steel columns, roofing beams, main girder roof beam, the ground, the ground beam adopts the thickening steel, waterproof layer of roofing system (pedal), thermal insulation layer (glass wool insulation), moistureproof layer (PE) resin film, decorative ceiling (caigang veneer) also did thickening processing, warm and solid.The 560 sets of box houses designed by the company for the temporary construction project of venues in Beijing are distributed in four venues, most of which are used as media broadcast centers, while others are used for security, emergency isolation, catering, logistics, fire protection and other fields to provide guarantee for the event.The completion of construction does not mean the end of the task.Liu Yu, the head of the company’s Winter Olympics site, introduced to reporters that box room has strong plasticity, versatile characteristics, in some emergency situations, can be temporarily transferred box room as an emergency replacement, which requires maintenance personnel to prepare.At present, the company has 8 people in charge of maintenance work at the Site of the Winter Olympics. They will be stationed throughout the winter Olympics and Paralympics to ensure the normal operation of electricity and heating equipment in box rooms of each venue.To ensure “zero mistakes” during the Winter Olympics, they will conduct on-site inspections every hour and take 24-hour shifts to identify and solve problems in a timely manner.”In the closed-loop area, some foreign journalists do not know how to use Chinese products. With the help of translators, we will take the initiative to help them solve their problems.To enter the venues, we will not only provide safe and warm box rooms, but also provide timely and thoughtful services, so as to contribute to the success of the Beijing Winter Olympics.”Liu yu said.(Hebei Daily reporter Song Ping and Chen Hua) Pay attention to Hebei News network, learn the latest news in Hebei.