Spicy squid with garlic flavor, crisp and tender and salty, nutritious and delicious, family favorite meal

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“Hello everyone, here is No. 1 Food house, focusing on sharing simple home-cooked dishes and delicious supplementary food for children, to broaden the taste of happiness in life with food.In our daily life, I believe that many people should like spicy food very much.Most of the dishes in this series are delicious. No matter whether vegetarian or meat dishes are on the table, they are basically the styles loved by family members.Although I am not a big fan of spicy food compared to the author, many dishes in this series are really cheap, so I will learn to study some new styles.Take the spicy squid shared today as an example. The author integrates garlic flavor into sichuan cuisine cooking method, and after simple operation techniques, the crisp and tender squid is made into spicy and delicious meal.My wife loves this delicacy very much.If you’re interested in today’s dish, check out how it’s cooked and enjoy it.Spicy squid: 3 large squid, 2 tablespoons spicy sauce, 50g minced garlic, half onion, 8 dried chilies, a little ginger, 2 tablespoons cooking wine, 1 tablespoon oyster sauce, half teaspoon light soy sauce, 6g sugar, 1g salt and chicken essence.The first step: first of all to prepare the squid viscera clean, and then cut into the circle standby;Add an appropriate amount of oil to the pot, 5 oil into the squid ring, stir fry until broken raw fire out of reserve.Step 2: No need to wash the pan, add a little oil, first add garlic, ginger, onion until fragrant;Then pour the prepared chilli sauce into the wok and stir-fry until fragrant.In contrast, if you feel that the spicy level is not enough, you can also sprinkle some chili powder cooking, as to whether you like the abnormal spicy taste, it depends on personal preference.Step 3: Then pour the fried squid ring into the pot, add the prepared cooking wine, oyster sauce, light soy sauce, sugar, salt, chicken essence, 20ml water, stir fry a few times, then cover with the cover, turn to medium heat and stew for 3 minutes.Step 4: Finally put the prepared dry pepper into the pot, turn to high fire and stir fry for about 1 minute, slightly remove the juice, you can taste the pot.Do you also like the taste of spicy meat compared to the taste of today’s meat?If you like today’s dish, try it at home.So that’s the end of today’s dish as opposed to today’s.If the article still do not understand the place, you can also private chat about the author, I will try to answer questions for you.This article is created by no.1 Food house. Welcome to like, collect, pay attention to and comment on it. We will be there tomorrow.No. 1 Food House — Food needs to be shared with others to feel happiness.