China undermining the international order?Listen to us and west, the Chinese will not forget the blood debt of NATO

2022-08-03 0 By

According to, NATO secretary General On April 5, local time in a press conference hyped the so-called “China threat theory”, and boldly said that China has been unwilling to condemn Russia’s aggression, China and Russia do not respect each country’s right to choose their own path.Citing China’s refusal to join the “anti-Russia club” as the reason, He announced NATO’s new strategic concept, saying that this concept will for the first time take into account the challenge from China. Stoltenberg even designated China as an “authoritarian state”, saying that we are undermining the international order.After making such outrageous remarks, Stoltenberg also said that cooperation with asia-pacific partners should be deepened, including arms control, cyber security and other areas. Otherwise, He should have just said that he intends to expand NATO southward.From 12 countries when NATO was founded in 1949, it has experienced several eastward expansions and now its membership has reached 30. The outbreak of russia-Ukraine conflict was ultimately triggered by NATO’s eastward expansion.NATO, as a product of the Cold War, should have disappeared but is still poisoning the world order today because of American hegemonic ideology!And now even in the name of the so-called “security” to try to find ways to expand south to Asia, not to hide their own ambitions, it is completely to see others live a good life.Who in the end is the initiator of the “destruction of international order”, do you have no idea?It is worth mentioning that NATO will probably start its actual “southward expansion” since then. Australia, New Zealand, Japan and South Korea have become their next absorption targets, which is not only imaginary.Mr Stoltenberg appears to have come prepared for the meeting, since NATO has invited Asia-pacific countries such as Australia, New Zealand, Japan and South Korea to attend, and has clearly been prepared to target China.In fact, since the russia-Ukraine conflict began, many countries in NATO began to smear China and force China to join the “anti-Russia club”, or it is against international law.This is just the cold War mentality of the US and the West. Since when does “international law” have to be obeyed by Allies of western countries?Unilateral and illegal sanctions by the US and some other countries have caused serious difficulties to the economy and people’s livelihood of relevant countries. We hope that the US side will not undermine the legitimate rights and interests of China and other parties when dealing with the Ukraine issue and its relations with Russia.At the same time, NATO now stands on camera as the “avatar of justice” denouncing China and accusing it of undermining the international order.NATO has not paid its blood debt to China, yet it is calling for China’s influence to be taken into account. This is really ridiculous!Since NATO often forgets how much it owes China, let’s remind it again. On May 7, 1999, NATO led by the United States brazenly bombed Yugoslavia, killing three Chinese compatriots on the spot.The Chinese people cannot forget this blood debt, nor can NATO wipe this blood debt from history. In the past decades, NATO led by the United States has not only failed to give us an explanation, but has become more and more rampant in pointing fingers at China. The violators of international law have no qualification to tell the victims what “justice” is.We hope THAT NATO will view China’s development in an objective, positive and open manner and do more to safeguard international and regional security and stability. The Cold War mentality has no future.