CAI Bin as head coach of Chinese Women’s Volleyball Team!The final selection, the new national team plan

2022-08-03 0 By

On February 3, 2022, the Volleyball Management Center of the General Administration of Sport of China announced the recruitment results of the new head coach of The National Women’s Volleyball Team. The new head coach of the National Women’s Volleyball Team is CAI Bin.The announcement was not surprising for CAI Bin to take over the post at last, because throughout the domestic women’s volleyball coaches, there are very few people who are qualified for this position. Although CAI Bin once had a less-than-brilliant coaching experience with the national team, who else could choose at present?Moreover, time has changed, CAI Bin also has many changes, calm, and ability is indeed more outstanding.I have predicted for many times who will be the new head coach of The National Women’s Volleyball Team. I also predicted for many times that CAI Bin would be the final one to take over the coaching of the National Women’s Volleyball team after Lang Ping.The reason for CAI Bin is very simple: CAI Bin is in the prime of life and is over 50 years old, so his age is more appropriate. Wang Baoquan of Tianjin Team is already over 60 years old. For example, Chen Zhonghe is far away from the women’s volleyball work for many years.CAI Bin led Jiangsu Women’s Volleyball Team to make great achievements in recent years. In the season just ended, he even led Jiangsu Youth Army to defeat the powerful Shanghai Team and reach the final. Although he lost to Tianjin, CAI Bin’s platoon arrangement, commanding ability on the spot and tactical arrangement all left a deep impression, even impressed people with new eyes.And in the all-star game, CAI Bin is leading the team to beat Wang Baoquan, also proved his ability.At present, CAI Bin has been officially announced as the head coach of the Chinese Women’s Volleyball Team once again.The first is the Asian Games, which will be held at home, and we must win the gold medal and the championship. The second is the World Championships, where the strong players gather and all the players are masters. When competing with the strong teams, The Chinese women’s volleyball team can also make progress.Finally, I hope the Volleyball Association and CAI Bin can confirm the name list of the coaching team as soon as possible, organize the training camp as soon as possible, and coordinate the operation and recovery of zhu Ting, Zhang Changning and other main players. Paris Olympic Games is only two years away, cheer for CAI Bin, and cheer for The Chinese Women’s Volleyball Team!Continue to support!