“Annual” Star of Peace “”, he led the group to comfort and assist 30,500 people of various types, and funded more than 2,200 students from poor families

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China Pingmei What Group is a large state-owned energy and chemical enterprise, with more than 160,000 employees.In recent years, with the deepening of enterprises’ transformation and development, reform, poverty alleviation, and staff reassignment, there are more and more problems involving the vital interests of workers, and trade unions are faced with more and more tasks of safeguarding rights and maintaining stability.Comrade Zhang Jinchang since as a trade union chairman, he is full of great affection to the worker, adhere to the “staff is the first, stability is the first environment” the work idea, to create harmonious labor relations enterprise activities for the gripper, innovation “the union + handling stability” working mode, the integration of legal aid measures such as comprehensive use of helping, help worker rights,With the slogan “labor unions are the only way to resolve labor-management conflicts, and workers turn to labor unions when they are in difficulty”, China has properly handled a large number of mass labor-management disputes and livelihood issues.According to statistics, over the past four years, China has settled more than 200 major labor disputes and solved more than 60,000 units of government-subsidized housing for workers.We should attach great importance to the job transfer and diversion of employees.As a labor-intensive enterprise, China Pingmei What Group is facing heavy pressure of human resources optimization.In the process of promoting staff transfer and diversion, the employees do not understand and are reluctant, and the staff petition concentration and the stability of the mining area are under great pressure. In this regard, Zhang Jinchang moved his “office” to the factory, mine and workshop, and had face-to-face discussions with the staff to explain the situation and policies of the enterprise clearly, ensuring the smooth transfer and diversion of more than 30,000 employees.On April 7, 2020, some coal mine workers petitioned the group because of job transfer and diversion.Zhang Jinchang rushed to the scene immediately to listen to the demands of workers, and promised to properly solve the problem within ten days.In view of the problems reflected by the workers, he arranged the trade union to quickly set up six research groups, in-depth understanding of the situation at the grass-roots level, and made special reports to the main leaders of the group, which provided an important basis for the enterprise to timely and scientifically adjust the policy of staff transfer and diversion.During that time, as soon as he was free, he went deep into the grass-roots units involved in the supervision and research of the diversion of staff transfer, and ensured the voluntary transfer of staff.We will accomplish poverty alleviation tasks with high quality.The labor union is the “home” of the workers, and the chairman is the “mother” of the workers!The difficulty of workers is the responsibility of “mom”!As long as the employees are in trouble, Chairman Zhang will help them at the first time, especially those in need, which is always his deepest concern.”I have worked as a worker for half my life, and I have never seen such a big official as Chairman Zhang!More unexpectedly, Chairman Zhang will enlighten me and care about me like the eldest brother next door.I still have what hard, must live a personal kind.”Those who say this words call Yang mou, it is group a mine repair team of an ordinary worker.Once he, by a sudden traffic accident took an arm, and right now, the wife put forward divorce, sudden blow, make he had the idea of suicide.Chairman Zhang learned that Yang, on the one hand, he told the mine party and government and trade unions to really put the difficult workers in mind, do a good job of Psychological counseling and help Yang, do our best, give Yang a policy care.On the other hand, he took time to personally go to Yang home condolences, Yang sent to a TV, washing machine and other living items and condolence money.He had a heart-to-heart talk with Yang around the table, saying, Life is always looking forward.The organization will help you when the going gets tough.As long as you are confident and willing to work hard, there is no mountain of Flames that can’t be overcome.”Simple words, said the heart of Yang.Yang’s eyes were filled with tears of gratitude.After that, he was a completely different person.When his daughter successfully entered the undergraduate course.When a member of the mining union went to visit his family, he specially asked the member to bring the good news to Chairman Zhang.Under the kind care of Chairman Zhang, Yang is not the only one who has changed his life.The group of more than 1000 households in the file of difficult workers, four years ago, he asked: “through the” hematopoietic “way out of poverty, use the” hematopoietic “way;If we cannot “hematopoietic”, we will take measures to help the poor.”Under his initiative, in October 2019, the whole group achieved the goal of lifting the employees out of difficulties one year and two months ahead of schedule.According to statistics, the group uses more than 30 million yuan of funds to help needy workers every year. In 2021 alone, the group consoled and assisted 30,500 people of all kinds.We subsidized more than 2,200 students from poor families.To fulfill the task of COVID-19 prevention and control with high quality.The sudden outbreak has disrupted people’s normal life.The city is closed, the community is closed, in the face of the epidemic, the hearts of workers are full of anxiety.How to maintain enterprise harmony and stability?How to protect the life, health and vital interests of employees?During the special period, as the “leader” of the trade union of the group, Chairman Zhang took great risks and rushed to the front to bear heavy responsibilities.When the epidemic was at its height, he was either keeping abreast of the epidemic prevention and control situation of all units, or coordinating with the units and communities at the forefront of the fight against the epidemic to solve various livelihood issues.When Chairman Zhang learned that a mine was short of living materials, he promptly arranged the labor union to purchase 1,500 sets of toiletries, instant noodles, sausages and epidemic prevention materials to the mine, thus solving the urgent need of the workers.The General Hospital of the Group undertakes heavy testing and treatment tasks. President Zhang visited the medical staff many times to deliver epidemic prevention materials, daily necessities and work supplies to them regardless of his personal safety, and asked them about their difficulties and needs.He tried his best to send sympathy and warmth to the hospital’s medical staff who went to Wuhan and other frontline areas to support the epidemic.The husband of a medical worker surnamed Zhou still remembers that on March 6, he suddenly received a phone call from the leader of the general Hospital, saying that chairman Zhang of the trade union of the group was going to visit him.Although because of the epidemic prevention and control, Chairman Zhang only sent condolences at the gate of the community.But his warm words, Zhou’s lover still unforgettable.In order to do a good job in epidemic prevention and control, he asked the group’s labor union to tighten all expenses and raise 20 million yuan to organize free COVID-19 antibody screening for all employees, which laid a solid foundation for eliminating workers’ panic, ensuring their life safety and ensuring the resumption of work and production.Comrade Zhang Jinchang has always been loyal to the cause of the Party, always put the staff and workers in mind, with love and heart to do a good job of serving the staff and workers, with practical actions to interpret the mission of the new era of trade union people and spiritual pursuit, promote the peace and harmony of the enterprise, for the enterprise high-quality transformation and development to create a good environment.