A pair of nurse sisters who haven’t been home for the Spring Festival for three years moved Hangzhou. There are many respectable “CP” among their colleagues.

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Qianjiang Evening News · Hour news reporter Zhan Cheng Kai Correspondent Xia Yan Wang Jia Today (February 6), hour news reported a nurse sister in Hangzhou.Because of the epidemic, they could not return to their hometown for the Spring Festival for three years.The sisters said they longed for their mother’s cooking and wanted to take their father on a trip.Both sisters keep a low profile.In the interview, he was embarrassed to say his name.They said that in this outbreak, many medical workers are like them, fighting on the front lines of the epidemic, which is really nothing.Many readers were also moved by the report and gave them a thumbs-up.The hour news reporter learned from Ziyang street, Shangcheng District, Hangzhou, that her sister was born in 1975 and her name was Wang Yanhong, a nurse in the community health service center.In the eyes of her colleagues, Wang Yanhong works very hard and takes her work seriously and carefully.In fact, like Wang Yanhong, there are many medical staff in ziyang Street Community Health Service Center who are silently contributing to the frontline of the fight against the epidemic.Among them, there are couples born in the 1980s and those born in 1995.In order to strengthen epidemic prevention and control, medical staff at the center have been preparing for the outbreak and conducting nucleic acid sampling door-to-door every day since January 26, a person in charge of the center told Hour News.”From January 26 to yesterday, we visited more than 2,300 homes and conducted nucleic acid tests for more than 4,600 people.All of our medical staff, about 150 in total, have cancelled the Spring Festival holiday.”People need to be on their phones 24 hours a day and ready for war because there are different tasks every day.”(Yin Fanglong) Yin Fanglong, a general practitioner of Caixialing Community Health Service Station, and Wang Yun, a nurse of Fifteen Guixiang Community Health Service Station, are a couple of “post-80s”.This time, the couple volunteered to undertake home quarantine health management and sampling work.Ziyang street is the old city of Hangzhou, many of the district is relatively old.Home sampling is a test.Climbing hundreds of flights of stairs and taking 10,000 or 20,000 steps became a daily routine.At the end of the work, the sampler took off the gloves, and his hands looked as if they had been in the water for a long time.The protective suit on the body is worn for a day, all “stale”.”Wet and dry with sweat…On several occasions, when I took off the protective clothing, I found blisters on my heels and red marks on my face that took a long time to go away.”Yin fanglong said.Hard work, the couple do not forget to care for each other.Where the body ache, pinch each other, each other to become the most cure of the other side of the “massager”.”We just want this to end quickly and give us time to make up for the love we have for our parents and children.”(Wang Yun) Zhou Maojian and Chen Qiuhua are also a couple born in the 1980s.Zhou Maojian is the logistics staff of the central pharmaceutical warehouse, responsible for transferring medical supplies, medical waste, and escorting medical staff to the door for nucleic acid sampling.Once out of the car, it’s like ten hours of nonstop.Chen Qiuhua is a nurse in charge of the Hochao Gate community health service Station.She asked for a job at the containment site.Only her 11-year-old son and elderly mother were left behind.Chen qiuhua said that she and her son had planned to go to the movies and skiing together during the winter vacation.They turned out to be empty promises.”My son is a warm boy and he doesn’t blame us.He is very capable, every day to complete the teacher assigned winter vacation clock, miss us, make video calls, will cheer for us.”Fang, a member of the center’s elite health care staff, and Hu, a nurse at the epidemic prevention department, are a couple born after 1995.(Fangchengjian) Male students undertake nucleic acid sampling work in households, while female students stick to the centralized isolation hotel.”We haven’t seen each other since Chinese New Year. It feels like a year!”Hu Tingyu said, “The day of spring will soon come.”This article is the original work of Qianjiang Evening News. Without permission, reprinting, copying, excerpting, rewriting and network transmission are prohibited. Otherwise, the newspaper will pursue the legal responsibility of the infringer through judicial channels.Source: Qianjiang Evening News · Hour News