TV ratings first!Douban praise constantly, Gao Hanyu a shot to bring wang Fried hunan Taiwan

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In 2021, there are many high-quality works that combine the drama and food together, such as Love is Delicious, starring Li Chun, Zhang Hanyun and Wang Ju. Although there is no strong cast, the female theme and food still shine at the eyes, and finally gained unanimous praise from the audience.Also combining food is Hunan TV’s Warm Taste, which combines rural redevelopment with food, bringing freshness to the audience as well as mouth-watering food such as spicy crayfish.And Hunan TV has launched a new drama series, Eat With You.Although the play has just started, but has got a bright audience rating, in a star TV drama won the ratings of the first good result, Gao Hanyu a shot to Hunan TV brought wang Fried.From the audience’s evaluation of this work so far, also with four stars, five stars in the majority, it can be seen that douban is also constantly praised.Although this drama still has a strong taste of sweet pet, it is actually a realistic story about how to deal with life and work correctly.01 Gao Hanyu ba total match full marks, Zheng Qiuhong and sweet and rustling cast is a big eye-catching place in this play, the actor Gao Hanyu as the leading role in the play, although earlier he had also starred in “Full-time Master”, “Fuyao” and other works, but the public praise is flat.In addition, Gao Hanyu has been a supporting role, little attention to cause everyone.But thanks to the show “Brother,” Gao Hanyu became popular.Gao Hanyu in life is a true temperament and sunshine of the big boy, but this time in “accompany you to have a good meal together” but challenge themselves, trying to dominate the overall image.Although today’s audience has been immune to this kind of dominant male hero, but really let people aesthetic fatigue is part of the greasy domineering president, Gao Hanyu’s interpretation is more natural, the sense of youth on the body also successfully pressure over the greasy sense of human design.No matter from the appearance or human design and other aspects, Gao Hanyu and the role of the degree of fitness can be rated as full marks.Zheng Qiuhong, who is the partner of Gao Hanyu, completely avoided the routine of silly white sweet, which is also the important reason for the audience to give high praise.After all, there are so many dumb sweet actresses out there that even the sweetest actress can turn off the audience.In Zheng Qiuhong’s body exudes a sweet taste, let a person believe that her warm and moist personality can warm the cold and hot boss.But as sweet as it is, there is something heroic about the role, as she struggles to balance her life and work despite being a lowly office worker.As a small employee, she also needs to be online 24 hours a day, but she does not sacrifice her life time for work like a social animal. She cooks for herself every day and lives a good life.For many workers, Zheng Qiuhong as suklan is the ideal workplace status.Although Zheng Qiuhong looks very gentle, but does not affect her interpretation of a valiant heroine, especially to the workplace overtime volume said no, when is really shouted out the hearts of countless audiences.02 overlord + small staff, urban food and sweet love story between men and women the combination of overlord president + silly white sweet, is the common combination form of sweet pet drama, but the audience has already produced aesthetic fatigue of this kind of character setting.In Eat Well with You, Yu Hao, played by Gao Hanyu, is an overbearing CEO, but he has a bad temper, can’t cook and has various character flaws.The play did not shape the hero into a perfect character image, and the heroine is also the surface looks warm and gentle, but in fact is a word against the conventional setting of the workplace is ready to resign.The overlord president in front of the heroine completely lost his temper, and the heroine is just ordinary small staff set, did not use silly sweet way.The main story is still about the city diet men and women’s sweet love story, although Suklan is Yu Hao’s subordinate, but because of a food show after the two met, they will understand each other through food, and heal each other.Save the iceberg need little sweet sister, but teach bully workplace rules and the truth of life, is valiant and sober workplace women.In the play, many scenes of making delicious food are inserted to increase the drama’s focus. Everyone wants to be a person who loves life, enjoys delicious food, and manages his or her life as a part-time worker, but in fact, it is difficult to balance the relationship between life and career.Having a Nice Meal with You presents us with an idealized view of work and life, which is also a pain point for young audiences today.If you want to be a suklan, you need to keep a healthy mind like her.Although at present “accompany you to have a good meal together” this drama only updated one episode, but does not affect the audience’s love for the work, this kind of food and love combined with the work, both realistic presentation, also have an idealized setting, the sweet play of the healing department can not be missed!