Nanning No. 4 People’s Hospital: Medical staff stick to the nucleic acid test line to ensure the safe return to work after the Holiday

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Nanning, Yun-Nanning News (Reporter Huang Sining, correspondent Luo Qiuyu) From February 5th to 7th, the number of nucleic acid samples collected in the Fourth People’s Hospital of Nanning was 11,837, and the clinical laboratory of the hospital completed 11,113 nucleic acid tests.Behind the numbers is the adherence of nanning medical staff day and night.On the night of February 6, the Fourth People’s Hospital of Nanning was still collecting nucleic acid.On February 8, the reporter saw in nanning fourth People’s Hospital, several people are queuing up at the gate of the hospital for nucleic acid testing.”As the pre-examination and triage department is the front line of the epidemic, in order to better carry out epidemic prevention and control, the pre-examination and triage department of the hospital was moved to the main gate on February 5.”Medical staff at nanning No. 4 People’s Hospital said that the hospital has set up three outpatient entry pre-examination and triage centers and voluntary nucleic acid testing centers to inform the public of the epidemic prevention and control policies of the autonomous region and Nanning city in the form of “offline and online” posters and online notices.At the Fourth People’s Hospital of Nanning, people lined up for nucleic acid tests.Currently, the epidemic situation is very serious, in the face of the Spring Festival after the rework amount of nucleic acid detection and rapid growth, to keep the back to return to work personnel health management, under the guidance of the fourth people’s hospital of nanning nanning WeiJianWei, enter a state of the epidemic prevention and control of actual combat, to “increase announcements, and carry out the personnel security” as the main gripper,Medical workers have been building a solid defense line for epidemic prevention and control and honing their will in actual combat.”On average, nearly 4,000 nucleic acid tests are required every day, with the maximum number reaching more than 5,600 on a single day.But when the collection is over, citizens say, Thank you, and their understanding and cooperation is the greatest comfort to us.Medical staff at the laboratory of the Fourth People’s Hospital in Nanning said they took off their white coats and put on protective clothing, which made their shoulders more responsible.February 6, the collection work until 2 o ‘clock the next morning, in order not to delay the next day’s work, the inspectors quickly and steadily in accordance with the nucleic acid test sampling requirements, quickly and steadily to collect, did not drink a sip of water, until the completion of the collection work.The Fourth Personnel Hospital of Nanning carried out “three-yard” inspection.The reporter learned that in order to better implement the personnel guarantee, Nanning No. 4 People’s Hospital has increased the number of personnel in the pre-examination triage department by 30 per day, mainly carrying out pre-examination triage, nucleic acid sampling information input, order maintenance and other work, to ensure the actual results of the forward movement of the pass.At the same time, efforts have been made to strengthen the development of outpatient services, and more medical staff have been sent to independent common fever diagnosis and treatment areas and special fever diagnosis and treatment areas.Through a series of effective measures, The Fourth People’s Hospital of Nanning city has reasonably optimized the nucleic acid testing process, accelerated the efficiency of nucleic acid collection, and ensured that the public can easily and quickly complete nucleic acid collection and timely obtain nucleic acid testing reports.In the next few days, The Fourth People’s Hospital of Nanning will improve the daily collection capacity, ease the waiting time of the masses, and help the prevention and control of the epidemic in Nanning.Editor: Zhao Hong On duty Editor: Lu Chao (author: Huang Sining, Luo Qiuyu)