Afghanistan’s former president called on the United States to return assets to the Afghan people

2022-08-02 0 By

Former Afghan President Hamid Karzai said at a press conference in Kabul on Monday that Afghans, like americans, are victims of terrorist attacks and should not be punished.Hamid KARZAI, FORMER Afghan PRESIDENT: Like the families who lost loved ones, the Afghan people were victims.It is unjust, unfair and distrustful to the Afghan people to hold and rob their money.Mr. Karzai called on U.S. President Joe Biden to reverse his decision on the assets of the Afghan Central Bank in the United States and return them all to the Afghan people.Hamid KARZAI, FORMER PRESIDENT of Afghanistan: This asset does not belong to any government. It is the property of the Afghan people, and the Afghan people are the owners of this asset.I asked President Biden to reconsider his decision and return all of these assets to the Afghan people.US President Joe Biden signed an executive order Thursday allowing $7 billion in frozen Assets from Afghanistan’s central bank to be distributed to US humanitarian funds and victims of the September 11 terrorist attacks.In response, Afghan interim government spokesman Mohammad Naim said Biden was stealing the wealth of the Afghan people.The Frozen Assets belong to the Afghan people, the Central bank of Afghanistan said in a statement Wednesday.