4 couples have very different endings. Only two couples are happy

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By warfare and the TV series starring Andy shaw, recently, in fact, the rest of my life, directions.in “the series, has set the file several times, but always because of various reasons, have to suddenly quit, this time we also wait to finally, starring for choice, is also very nicely, and plays the supporting role, is also very good,They did the best they could in the original, the lovers and their friends.As an urban emotional drama, there are several couples on the screen in this TV drama. Today, we also combine the plot of the original novel to make a simple analysis of the endings of several couples in the drama.1, bullae, and stone bullae is Lin school of good friend, she and her boyfriend, inscriptions are childhood friends, the two men know when I was younger, so understanding of each other is also, until they grow up, they two people to determine the relationship, the pair of lovers, in the eyes of all, who is a model couples, family circumstances and experiences are very similar.Later seal and stone also finally xiuchengzhengguo, the school of Lin still served as a bridesmaid in the wedding, the school of Lin envies the love of these two people all the time, fortunately, the school of Lin also encountered the Gu Wei that belongs to oneself.2 experience, experience with Gu Xiao shan shan is the school friends of Lin, the relationship between the two is unusual, but the two entirely different character, Xiao Shan more outgoing, social also more colorful, but Lin of the school life is monotonous, she belongs to the typical darling female, Xiao Shan before the feelings are taking the attitude of the game, but after met Gu Xiao, everything is not the same.Gu Xiao is also a very playful guy, this two people met, the hunter it is destined to have a unusual feelings and experience during the shan is also very entanglements, she is too care about Gu Xiao emotional experience, but Gu Xiao decided dead to tie up lousy dozen of Xiao Shan finally also does not have resistance to live, but to stand in the Angle of the onlookers, also really feel the affection between the two men, there are a little less,At least in Gu Wei’s view, Gu Xiao is just a moment of impulse, these two people’s feelings, seemingly warm, but may not stand the test.3, gu wei and high Xi Xi of gu wei belong to unrequited love, because they are both young talents in the hospital, so always be analogy, high Xi think more understand gu wei, so it is no feeling, accustomed to usurp the role of gu wei’s girlfriend, hospital of the people also like to joke about two people, until the coming of the school, Lin high Xi suddenly had a sense of crisis,Later tall moist always deliberately provoke the school of forest, she also suffered the warning of the school of forest, Gu Wei also made clear that the school of forest is his fiancee, tall moist also very sensible finally, choose far go abroad, far from Gu Wei.School in the age of four, gu wei and Lin, gu wei, older than Lin of the school, in the psychological sense, always feel gu wei ill-prepared, gu wei dominant look, in fact, he has been determined by the school to eat, Lin this relationship development is smooth, after all, two good people, are more likely to attract each other, Lin school after getting married, still trying to take an examination of, Ph.D.,Also is the girl that compares aspirant, later two people had a son, gu Wei is to Lin’s school really love arrived in the bone, the feeling of these two people, also is envy evil spirit others really.