Xi ‘an Economic Development Zone: dedicated “economic development” the most beautiful professional blessing

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The Spring Festival holiday is over, the New Year’s lingering temperature is still lingering in the streets, set foot on the way back to say goodbye to their loved ones.However, as a state-owned company directly under the ECONOMIC development Zone, economic development Group undertakes many important tasks of infrastructure construction in the economic development Zone;As a staff member of jingfa Group, “Jingfa person” and his family reunion respectively has become a luxury.In the lights of the family, the day of family happiness, they choose to stick to the post alone, the reunion left behind, with warm light spring.On the occasion of the Spring Festival, hundreds of “guardians” of epidemic prevention and control worked tirelessly to carry out regular epidemic prevention and control work in 36 residential areas, and targeted exterminations at public places and railway stations, marking the biggest “concentric circle” of epidemic prevention and control for the whole people.Protect for “commandos” is New Year’s day early in the morning, wei Jing new city somewhere because of sudden traffic accident, resulting in municipal fire hydrant rupture, a large number of tap water gushing.Under the critical moment, the water supply personnel responded quickly and gave urgent command within 15 minutes. Considering the great impact of water interruption on the masses along the line, the emergency repair personnel entered the freezing mud water decisively and carried out excavation work on the site. At 11 am, the fire hydrant was finally replaced, the site was cleaned up, and the emergency repair task was successfully completed.In view of the rain and snow during the Spring Festival, to ensure water supply and heating, municipal maintenance of the frontline personnel, full duty, real-time monitoring, emergency repair, in the face of emergencies and dangers, always “online”, to ensure that thousands of families have a peaceful and peaceful year.Environmental “beautification” snow bumper harvest, when you and your family GuanXue, plays, people cleaning the hair with snow to make, against wind and snow, to reduce the risk of snow road, maintain the normal traffic order during the holiday, they play mechanical vehicle, environmental sanitation staff, period of time to fill and snowmelt agent, the key link to carry out the snow de-icing operation,We will vigorously carry out the road protection “Quality action”, strengthen garbage collection and transportation and the cleaning scope of public facilities, so as to make the city “clean and new” and improve its “appearance”.Energy “supply station” as the administrative office project and logistics support department of the enterprise, JINGfa Property Catering service Center sticks to its post and serves 29,758 people in total during the Spring Festival. With the New Year’s Eve dinner full of ceremony, the employees who can’t go home get together and pass on the strong flavor of the New Year to the struggling people who give up reunion due to work.In this Spring Festival, the people of the Development city shuttled around every corner of the park, just like every ordinary day, dredging traffic, advising and guiding, repairing equipment, checking and filling gaps. Wherever there was a problem, they would be there. With their commitment, tourists would have a full sense of security.Construction “stop” in order to ensure that the children go to school as early as possible, the first experimental school project department, the hair chengpinlianhu district second school decoration project, the Spring Festival does not stop, eliminate all difficulties in construction.Strict acceptance of each material, strict monitoring of each link, to ensure the progress of the project, strict construction quality.Safety “No holiday” this Spring Festival, through the real estate, through the real estate front-line staff 24 hours on duty, walk at least 20,000 steps a day, the construction of hundreds of key parts of the monitoring, inspection and inspection, to protect safety, to ensure the construction of key projects and service guarantee, to protect people’s life safety.Sales “live broadcast” from the fourth day of the first month, the real estate sales staff to the post, fighting line.More than 50 groups of customers come to consult every day, the offline reception is normal, and the online live broadcast is carried out at the same time. The real estate consultants introduce the projects for sale in detail in the live broadcast room and patiently answer the questions of the audience. The daily traffic volume is more than 13,000 people, and the visits and transactions of each project have broken through year-on-year and year-on-year.The figure in the festival, writing the ordinary upward power of the hair;The Spring Festival responsibility, into a piece of the most beautiful “professional blessing”.(Shaanxi Bureau of China Daily