Why should Chinese traditional medicine soak with cold water before decoct?

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In order to be easy to store and sell, the vast majority of Chinese medicines are dry, especially minerals, animals and scale shells, which are dry and dense and hard in texture, which are not conducive to being directly decocted into decoction.In order to improve the curative effect of decoction, Chinese medicine should be soaked for a period of time before decocting to make the active ingredients more easily.The decoction of Traditional Chinese medicine has always been attached importance to by doctors, such as The Ming Dynasty Li Shizhen said: “Although the substance of the decoction is specialized, such as the law, and the decoction, reckless, poor water and fire, the degree of heat, the medicine is useless”.Xu Lingtai in the Qing Dynasty also said, “The method of decocting medicine should be explained in depth. The effect and ineffectiveness of medicine all depend on this.”However, in order to save time, many patients do not soak in cold water before decocting, but heat water or cold water directly after the fire suffering, as they do not know, this will make the surface of the drug containing protein coagulation, starch gelatinization, affect the effective components of the drug exudation, dissolution, weaken or even less than the effect of the treatment of disease.Specifically, during the cutting and grinding of traditional Chinese medicine, the powder left on the surface becomes gelatinized due to sudden heat, hindering the capillary channel of the medicine, making it difficult for water to penetrate, and difficult for the dissolved ingredients to spread outwards, ultimately affecting the decoction of the ingredients.For example, in yinchen Artemisia decoction for treating hepatitis, the medicinal part of Yinchen is stem and leaf, shanzhi fruit and rhubarb root. After soaking in cold water for one hour, the result is that the effective component rate of the first decoction is 21.31% and the second decoction is 9.67%.A total of 30.98%.Without soaking in cold water first, but directly boiling with heated water, the effective ingredient rate was only 16.05%.The second decoction was 7.69%;Total 23.74%.The soaked version produced 7.24% more active ingredients than the unsoaked version.And as for the treatment of dysentery of pulsatilla decoction, Chinese bulbul and coptis chinensis medicinal part is root, cortex phellodendri and cortex fraxini is to use bark, stem bark medicine, after soaking in cold water for 20 minutes into the Fried, take it and Fried with hot water directly from the solution, pharmacological bacteriostatic test comparison of results: the bacteriostasis and bacteriostatic breadth also were significantly better than the latter.Aromatic Traditional Chinese medicine, such as mint, Perilla, schizonepeta, agaric, etc., contain volatile oil and volatile substances, volatile in the case of heat, not only avoid boiling water bubble, decocting should be under.Since traditional Chinese medicine must be soaked in cold water, rather than decocted in hot or cold water, how long should it be soaked before decocting?Generally, it depends on the composition of the drug in the formulation.If the texture of flowers, leaves, thin stems of loose plant drugs, soak 20~30 minutes can be decocted;The roots, roots, seeds and fruits, dense and hard texture, should be soaked for 50 to 60 minutes before frying;In general, mineral, animal, scale shell medicinal materials, such as magnetic stone, buffalo horn tablet, mother of pearl, oyster based formulas, soak time is longer, so that the medicinal materials become moist and soft, tissue cells expand, so that more effective ingredients can be decocted, to improve the curative effect of drugs, and can shorten the time of decocting drugs.It is worth noting that the Chinese medicine decoction pieces sold in pharmacies do not need to be cleaned in advance, so it is ok to boil the water soaked in Chinese medicine directly.The optimal water temperature is about 40℃. The experiment shows that this condition can not only make the medicinal materials wet and expand fully, but also improve the decocting rate of the effective ingredients.Due to different seasons, in the cold season of winter and spring, most drugs can be soaked for a longer time;And summer and autumn hot season, the soaking time should not be too long, some will even soak a night, should pay attention to prevent fermentation deterioration.