Long love abuse in the Republic of China legendary novel “Liyuan Yinhate” 99

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Liu Yunfeng twisted the p – unit into the living room, asked the doorkeeper to bring her packages, packages of gifts on the table.Left 1 “dry dad”, right 1 “dry mother”, call a few people in the heart of the United States.Send gifts to each person, she sweet words to coax them like treasure like music.Is the whole lively, do not want her to shed tears.Now sunny, now cloudy, who can understand this woman’s heart?Yao Zhetian busy ask what sad thing?She wiped her nose and her eyes, putting on a real show of indecency.He more and more pity, let the wife, the servant girl down, she fell on her knees and begged him to help.He helped her, grasped her bare arm, as comfortable as ghee, and watched her breath deepening with her sobs, her hollow mouth open like a black pit, drool and softly ask questions.”What’s the matter?Daddy’s the boss for you.”Liu Yunfeng SOB, make up: “Dry father.Ever since Yojo saved me, I’ve been with him forever.Who knows my ex-husband Ma eight narrowly escaped death, also came to Xi ‘an.He saw me and Yaozu cooking rice and decided to leave Xi ‘an for both of us.Who expected last night the police arrested his life and death brother donkey, he misunderstood yao Zu dry, to seek revenge.So I came to beg Daddy to do something to rescue the donkey, so that they can leave Xi ‘an as soon as possible and everyone can live in peace.””Oh?It’s a piece of cake. It’s easy.Don’t you feel bad…”Yao Zhe day full of promise, huang Ying ying’s snake eyes have been staring at her that undulating chest, see enough.”Dry father, you are really the goddess of Mercy.I know this city of Xi ‘an, when you wave your hand, it deserves a strong wind.Wind is wind and rain is rain. There’s nothing you can’t do.”She was more delicate, shaking his shoulders in a sweet voice.”Dry dad.How can I thank you?””Why should my family be polite?Thank you.Wang Yaozu is lucky to meet you.”He rubbed her arm sourly and asked, “Where is home so fresh?””Bin County.””No wonder!Binxian Dashui Pear.”He gave her a pat on her p-share.”The father is getting younger and younger.”She wrung her watery waist with a giggle.”Where can I find binxian Dashui Pear?””Asked the third wife, descending from the stairs, followed by yao Hanyu, a charming and unconventional dandy.He yawned as he descended the stairs, his long, shiny, medium parted hair.The face is narrow and thin, white in thoroughly yellow, if the eyebrow bends a bow, the eye that is infatuating, one blink one blink ground moves amorous feelings easily, the bridge of the nose is fine short, the mouth of jiang red diao root cigarette.Tall, white western shirt, sky blue tie, silver belt buckle as bright as a mirror, white trousers tight p-strand, white shoes shining.He looked like a mourning stick wrapped in white paper.Liu Yunfeng’s delicate voice, and the third wife, Yao Hanyu greeted.”I really thought you brought binxian Daishui pear.When the time is not right, the greed is far away.”The second wife smiled.When Liu Yunfeng gave Yao Hanyu a gift, he took the opportunity to squeeze her little hand and said lovingly, “Sister-in-law, did you ask me to go dancing?””Ouch!Little younger brother after the head with a string of a string of, literally pull a stronger than ME.Good joke.”Liu Yunfeng eyebrow fly eye dance, smile, “dress up so handsome, about a girl or go blind date?””Why don’t I meet someone like my sister-in-law?Brother Wang handed in his love life, and his fortune is not shallow!”Yao Hanyu flattered.Yao Zhetian to the police shook a few times the phone line is busy, put down the phone, told her to rest assured, must help her do.Liu Yunfeng thanked and went to please the third wife, asked her to use what snow cream?Her skin was more tender than hers.The third wife was delighted and praised her all the more.”Han Yu’s marriage has been decided.Go to hu’s house and bring lots of presents so that we can fix the date of our engagement.”Yao Zhetian said, “decided this close, Han Yu to change the yunfeng called 妗子.Ha……””Ouch!It’s better to call my sister-in-law.”Liu Yunfeng winks at Yao Hanyu.”Incest.Ouch!I was wrong to say that I should be in disarray in generations…”The third wife laughed and told her son to go up to hu’s house.Yao Zhetian called hu, and Wang Cuiyin polite, said the youngest son to visit, Wang Cuiyin is beaming.I heard that Hu Zongli was not here, and I did not mention what Liu Yunfeng asked for.Yao Hanyu with many things, inconvenient grounds, to open Lao Tzu’s car.Go to see mother-in-law like this, not only own decent, mother-in-law face also glorious.Yao Zhe day twist however he and three wife, had to agree.Liu Yunfeng leave, Yao Zhetian let his son liu Yunfeng sent back, and then go to hu.In the middle of the heart, Yao Hanyu readily agreed.Only flirting, the car in the street to turn around, ramming, frightened pedestrians hurriedly avoid.Yao Hanyu felt excited and even more proud.Liu Yunfeng for a while startled to shout more than, while fell on him to act in pettish, he was swept off his feet, difficult to control.’Mad people have no good, mad mice are eaten by cats.’She let out another demonic scream and the car hit them.Frightened out of his wits, he braked.Fortunately, the three men ducked in time and were not hurt.The car braked so hard that the two people hit their heads together and both saw stars and almost fainted.Yao Hanyu reluctantly get off, pointing at that three people curse: “how to return a responsibility?Eyes in the butt?Want to die, ye don’t want to carry it.””Give it to me!Summer SAN and two heel foot is want to come forward to question him is how to drive?I didn’t expect the people on the bus to come down and take the streets.That was a bit of a coward.Xia SAN squeezed out this sentence from between his teeth.”Dare to hit me?Also do not inquire about this childe is who?”Looking at the two strong men behind the old guy rushed up, Yao Hanyu retreated in fear.”Who are you?Xia SAN leered at him.”Me?I am the third son of Vice Mayor Yao of Xi ‘an.Who are you?How dare you find fault with this childe?””I’ll fix you today for your father on Summer Wednesday.On!””Said Xia SAN with a strange smile.”Don’t take advantage of your father!”Summer three see Yao Hanyu beat, shit to climb up the car, shut the door.Warning, lift crutches hit the door, a moment, like the glass opened a chrysanthemum flower.The bully meets the bully.Yao Hanyu knew that he had met the white flint and dared to argue with him. He picked up his tail and drove away in disgrace.G, When Hu Qiuchan comes back, Wang Cuiyin is talking on the phone with Yao Zhetian.She stole into her father’s study and fumbled with the lock on her desk drawer, wondering how to open it.Use your brain.Wang Cuiyin put down the phone, opened the door and asked her what she was doing in the study.She made an excuse of looking for a book.Wang Cuiyin told her that Yao Hanyu was coming and told her to prepare.She waited for her mother to go out and close the door. Then she took a bunch of keys from her handbag and tried them one by one, but could not open the lock.She sulked on the sofa, sat there, her eyes rolled, got up excitedly and went back to the desk.I thought the left drawer was unlocked!Pulling it apart, my hand reached through the partition into the right-hand drawer and felt the cold, smooth handle of the gun.But with my hand stuck, I couldn’t even squeeze the pistol, let alone pull it out, and the excitement was like a cold shower.He drew back his hand in disappointment, scraping the back of his skin.