Li spent the New Year’s Eve with the police and visited the auxiliary police on duty

2022-08-01 0 By

On the Eve of the New Year’s Eve, Deputy mayor, city public Security Bureau Party secretary, director Li Jinqiang on duty, with the police spent the New Year’s Eve, and visited the police on duty, auxiliary police.Li Jinqiang sat at the same table with the auxiliary police on duty in the organ canteen, chatting and eating dinner together.Then Li Jinqiang in-depth, forced isolation rehab, stable area detention, detention, armed police squadron, visit sympathy on duty police officers, armed police officers and soldiers and workers, to the attendant condolatory gold, person caffeine arts, to leave home for everyone, hold position, duty unattended condolences and thanks, and best wishes for happiness in the season.Relevant responsible comrades of municipal and district public security organs participated in the activity.