I want to be a strong woman to give myself happiness and sweetness

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I want to be a strong woman stopped crying because of physical disabilities also because in a bad mood is no longer idle sorrow ten thousand is no longer because no one who love and hate I want to be a strong woman who no longer count on who can no longer believe the more who no longer want to give or help yourself to live unhappy it doesn’t matter had not follow no problem in life is to live on their own beforeWant to have a good family before alive want to cultivate the son before alive want to deal with all aspects of the relationship between the brothers and sisters before alive want to deal with the relationship between the seven aunts and eight aunts now I ah ah!Just want to live well is fine at the right time to help others to whom the appropriate good because life is short so live yourself how important it is for something appropriate to let oneself selfish a little proper to create a more comfortable environment appropriate let oneself more happy things don’t go dispute gain and loss not to tangle unnecessary things don’t go to who please don’t bother who is lessYum who hold his own mouth, holding his leg to live their own every day to exercise your body to the disabled body recovery and rehabilitation to some for his own family it naturally don’t silly gave don’t dull who used to let oneself become oneself go brave strong live oneself live their own efforts to let oneself learn to put down the let oneself learn to himselfHeal yourself, let yourself learn to understand yourself, let yourself learn to live the way you want to live for yourself, give yourself security, give yourself joy, give yourself grace, wisdom, open-minded talent, give yourself the source of life, give yourself the ability to cross the sea of books, give yourself the happiness and sweetness of reading books