Xinye public security: our adherence is only for your safety

2022-07-31 0 By

In order to maintain the stable social security during the Spring Festival, improve the sense of security of the people, Xinye County public Security Bureau has continuously increased patrols, inspections, to ensure that the people in the area to spend a happy and peaceful Spring Festival.During the holiday, li River pu, suburban police station respectively rescue a lost woman, praised by the masses.On the morning of February 1, 2022 (the first day of the lunar New Year), He Qing, director of Li Hepu police station, led Cui Shoubin and Min Tianfu on a holiday patrol.When they were patrolling near a shop in Li River Town, they found a woman squatting in a corner. The police got off and asked that the woman’s name was Cheng Mou Di, and squatted in the corner because they could not find their way home.Later, the police took the woman back to the house, he Qing saw that she was shivering with cold, and personally brought her a big bowl of steaming dumplings, let her eat, warm up.After searching and inquiring, he qing immediately contacted the Seoul police station in her district and contacted her family through the Seoul police station.Subsequently, the family rushed to li River pu police station, see Cheng Mou di, the family was very excited, said to find her for two or three days, the year has not been good.His father thanked Him repeatedly.Seeing the family reunited, the policemen also smiled happily.On the night of February 3 (the second day of the Lunar New Year), the suburban police station received help from residents in the area: a woman in her 30s at a gas station seemed to be lost and could not find her home, and asked the police to help find her family.Zhang Yangyang, the police officer on duty, drove there and found the woman looking sluggish and unable to explain her name and address.The police took into account the cold temperature outside the winter night, they first back to the police station.The police for the woman made a bowl of instant noodles, after the woman finished eating state to return to normal, only hesitatingtold the police, because of conflicts with his family, in the morning from the former Gaomiaoxiang Shiqiao village alone away from home.With nowhere to go, he lived near the gas station under the jurisdiction of the suburban police station at night.The police then after the inquiry, contact the woman’s father, asked to the woman’s home address after she was sent home, saw her daughter was safely returned to the police, the woman’s father repeatedly thanked the police.(Liu Zhenwei and Wang Jing)