“Suit + dress” how to wear more fashionable?Look at the hipster dress demonstration, trendy fashion

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As one of the essential outerwear items in spring, the suit is not just for office workers.The sightly atmosphere of the suit satisfies the aesthetic of “combination of mother and man” which is deeply loved at present, and it is the ideal single item commonly used for ladies to wear.A simple and elegant suit is so versatile that it can be matched with skirts and trousers. In this episode, we want to talk about the combination of “suit + dress”. Do you like it?”Suit + dress” is actually a little mixed taste in the inside, because the suit belongs to the handsome atmosphere, and the dress belongs to the direction of a typical gentle woman, is still a typical “niang man combination” collocation ideas.So, we will next from the “suit + dress” how to wear better, specific collocation demonstration two aspects to elaborate views, I hope you can get some inspiration to wear.”Suit + dress” how to wear more fashionable?Look at the hipster dress demonstration, trendy fashion.First, “suit + dress” how to wear better look?In the final analysis, “suit + dress” belongs to the category of stacking, so we need to work hard to create the essence of stacking: the aesthetic feeling of layers.First of all, in color, it is necessary to achieve a clear hierarchy and a clear internal and external hierarchy.For example, in the picture, the medium and long version of the light gray suit, with a pure black dress, a combination of dark and light colors, the sense of internal and external layers is very obvious.Especially when the V collar of the suit and the hem of the skirt reveal, the charm of folding is firmly grasped.If you want layering to be obvious, the part of the skirt exposed is suggested to be slightly longer, so that there is a sense of obvious layering is naturally generated.If the hem is shorter, forming a similar effect of “missing clothes”, that is another style of painting.2, waist line is obvious, the proportion of high waist line for figure, proportion of shaping, naturally is not too much to say, whether it is small or tall figure, want to shape a high waist line.When the combination of “suit + dress”, the natural “pinch waist design” of the suit is a very good tool to highlight the high waist line.Of course, dress closes waist, belt ornament gives waist line, also quite necessary, when open wear, good proportion is very conspicuous.For instance this modelling, the dress of pure black, lumbar line embellished the metallic belt of bright gold gold, divide the figure naturally “28 scale”, provoking envy.It can be seen that the belt must be a bit more obvious color contrast with the skirt, so that more can reflect the sense of existence.The blogger’s silver-grey bag, which is the same color as her suit, has a clear purpose: to reduce the use of color in the whole look, and avoid loud and cheap.For ordinary people, too many colors are really hard to hold, deliberately reduce the number of colors, just more handy.A nude pink suit early laid a gentle atmosphere for the modeling, although it belongs to the mid-length version, but the waist design is known at a glance, even if the wave dot long skirt inside reached the ankle position, it does not appear to be slow and cumbersome, the body proportion is particularly obvious.Bags also follow suit nude color, simple and generous.When matching suits and dresses, one of the most common ideas to keep in mind is to keep it simple.The balance effect of simple and complex is used to create a visual experience that is eye-catching and not grandiose.Like this Burgundy blazer, paired with a printed silk dress, simplicity is just right.Original text, pictures from the network, if any infringement please contact us to delete, thank you.