Scene of Bincheng nucleic acid testing in Tianjin

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On March 27, in accordance with the requirements of the Municipal epidemic prevention and control headquarters, the Binhai New Area conducted nucleic acid tests for all its staff.On the morning of the same day, under the organization of staff, residents lined up as required in tianjin Economic development Zone, Tianjin Port Free Trade Zone, Binhai High-tech Zone, Tianjin Dongjiang Free Trade Port Zone, Sino-Singapore Tianjin Eco-City and Tianjin Port Group. The scene was orderly and everyone cooperated more smoothly.It is understood that a large number of screening points have been added to tianjin Economic development Zone and Teda Street, which participated in the full-staff nucleic acid testing, to further ensure that the majority of enterprise employees and residents can achieve on-site testing.Tianjin Port Free Trade Zone on March 27, 2017, the nucleic acid test site in Tianjin Port free Trade Zone was orderly.According to the distribution of enterprises and residents in tianjin Port Bonded Area, 68 sampling sites and 136 sampling points were set up for nucleic acid testing in accordance with the principle of nearby testing.Among them, 52 sampling places are set up in the airport area, 12 sampling places are set up in the harbor area, and 4 sampling places are set up in the harbor area.The novel Coronavirus nucleic acid screening of the whole area began at 6:00 am on the 27th Of March.At the collection point of binhai-Zhongguancun Science park, citizens lined up under the guidance of staff to verify their personal information and receive nucleic acid tests.It is understood that, in order to further reduce the gathering and flow of personnel, to ensure the majority of enterprise workers and residents to achieve local detection, the screening work of Tianjin economic development Zone, Teda street a large number of additional screening points, a total of 77 points set up the first stadium, Tianmei apartment, Tianbin apartment.At 6 o ‘clock on March 27th, Tianjin Binhai High-tech Zone started large-scale novel Coronavirus nucleic acid test on time.This time, the high-tech Zone has set up 33 sampling sites with 78 sampling points in Huayuan Area, Bolonghu Area and Haiyang Area.At nucleic acid testing sites, nucleic acid screening and environmental sampling and testing are well prepared and carried out in an orderly manner.From state organs, enterprises and institutions, community volunteers of the broad masses of party members, the party activists, development object and the preparation of party members, according to the division of task service teams, orderly conducted company worker, and all the residents in a nucleic acid samples, moment suggest wearing masks, keep more than one meter distance, make personal protection, avoid aggregation and talk to each other,Effective prevention of cross – infection during sampling.Since the launch of the epidemic prevention work, the high-tech Zone has always adhered to the principle of thorough inspection, and set up sampling sites in communities, incubators, office buildings and key enterprises to cover all regions.It is important to note that in addition to setting up public sampling points, the high-tech zone in central, cnooc, cosl, lishen battery, electronics and other key enterprises set of sampling points, according to the enterprise actual production scheduling, arrange the worker nucleic acid detection sampling period of time, in the protection of the nucleic acid detection efficiency under the premise of effectively avoids the personnel gathered,Ensuring balanced production and epidemic prevention.In the China-Singapore Tianjin Eco-City, medical staff quickly responded, and white soldiers gathered again to conduct nucleic acid testing and sampling at 44 sampling sites and 127 nucleic acid testing stations, firmly reinforcing the defense line for epidemic prevention and control.At 5 am, all the staff, party members, grid members and volunteers of each site gathered quickly, and nucleic acid screening test of residents of the area began orderly at 6 am.At the sampling site, medical personnel wearing protective clothing are working in an orderly manner. All personnel to be sampled should line up in order, with an interval of more than one meter, and enter the sampling area in turn for sampling by medical personnel.Tianjin Port Group launched nucleic acid testing for its staff at 13 locations and 33 testing stations. By 10:30, 12,461 nucleic acid samples had been collected at each nucleic acid sampling site, completing nucleic acid screening tasks with high standards and high efficiency.At the same time, the staff actively cooperated with nucleic acid sampling, and took strict personal protection during the process. According to relevant requirements, 20 people were collected in groups for throat swabs, and the sampling period was orderly to ensure the smooth nucleic acid screening of all staff.Source: Binhai Publishing