2-1!Paulinho, 33, exploded again, scoring two goals and grabbing six points, punching and roaring and listening to the fans

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Corinthians edged mirasol 2-1 in the fifth round of the Sao Paulo Tournament on February 11, Beijing time, with goals from Augusto and Paulinho.Paulinho, 33, scored the winner in two consecutive games and scored six points for Corinthians.In the first four games, Corinthians have seven points from two wins, one draw and one loss, and are in third place in the standings. Mirasol are just behind them, and this is a battle for the position worth six points.In the 19th minute, Corinthians counterattack successfully, Giuliano knocked back, followed by Augusto angrily shot, the other goalkeeper misjudged, the ball into the corner, 1-0!However, Mirasol soon equalised and the two sides came to 1-1!Key moment, Paulinho stepped forward.The 30th minute, Fagna inside the penalty area flying volley inverted triangle back knock, Paulinho inserted after flanking push shot, 2-1!After the goal, Paulinho punched and roared, listening to the cheers of the home fans, and then he repeated the “celebrate cigar” gesture, sending the home fans into a frenzy.Chinese Super League fans are no strangers to this scene, during his time with Evergrande, Paulinho scored many times to save the Lord, many times to make this classic gesture of celebration.Paulinho, 33, ended his contract with Evergrande in July last year and has since joined Jeddah Nationals in the Saudi league.However, paulinho left after just two months because he was worried about his family in Brazil and chose to return to his former club Corinthians.In the last two games, Paulinho has been outstanding, scoring the winner in two consecutive games to help Corinthians beat Ituano 3-2 and mirasol 2-1 to pick up six points.Corinthians will then play three games in 10 days before heading into March against old favourites Sao Paulo and Copa Libertadores winners Palmeiras.In addition to Paulinho, former shandong Taishan foreign aid Geddes and Gill, guoan former captain Augusto, once played in Jiangsu Suning if in corinthians, can be regarded as the former Chinese super league foreign aid united.