Real estate companies are having a hard time

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At the end of 2021, the relevant government departments provided banks with a list of high-debt real estate enterprises, which were Greenland Group, R&F Real Estate, Aoyuan Group, Zhongnan Construction, Kaisao, Sunshine City, Rongxin Group, Sunac Group, Zhongliang Real Estate, Shimao Group, Rongsheng Development.Now what about these housing enterprises?1. Greenland Group, one of the three real estate enterprises subordinated to Shanghai SasAC, is highly indebted. In recent years, Greenland Group has been transforming into the construction industry, successively acquiring leading construction enterprises in guangxi Construction Engineering, Guizhou Construction Engineering, Jiangsu Construction Engineering, Xi ‘an Construction Engineering, Henan Construction Engineering Bureau and so on.Among the 11 companies named by the government, they are in relatively good shape.In November, the two state-owned shareholders injected 3 billion yuan into Greenland Real Estate group in the form of real-debt equity.However, recent news that Greenland group will sell a project in the UK seems to be under pressure.2. R&f Real Estate, the main force of Guangdong urban renewal project, has been losing money in the hotel business it acquired from Wanda several years ago, and the two major shareholders have different ideas.In December, r&F Real Estate defaulted on its bonds, which spooked commercial banks and left large and medium-sized banks in a bind, especially in Guangdong, where most redevelopment projects are still under construction.3. Aoyuan Group, a medium-sized guangdong real estate enterprise, is weak in strength, and it is rumored that a state-owned enterprise will acquire the group.From the point of view of the bank, the enterprise is one of the pits, it is estimated that the relevant banks are deeply involved in them, the probability of loss of related financing is larger.4. Zhongnan Construction co., LTD., as two leading construction companies in Haimen city, and Nantong No. 3 Construction Co., LTD., were both ignored by Evergrande and CFLD and could not receive the large amount of project money back.As an enterprise transforming from construction to real estate, its professional level needs to be improved. In the development projects, apartments and office buildings occupy a high proportion, which leads to slow sales and great pressure.It is estimated that banks in Jiangsu have a love-hate relationship with it.5. Kaisa, a real estate company that has twice been Mired in debt crises.The old saying that you can’t walk in the same river at the same time certainly doesn’t apply to China’s banks, which have been reluctant to finance Kaisa despite its debt troubles.This time the banks will have to learn something.6. Sunshine City, a Fujian real estate enterprise, involved in real estate, environmental protection, trade and many other fields, fell into debt crisis early.The company’s once-popular apartment redevelopment project on Chang ‘an Avenue did not survive the crash.7. Rongxin Group, a real estate enterprise in Fujian province, has a brother with the boss of Zhenro Group, whose capital should be even tighter than That of Zhenro.China’s banks are now more nervous than Rongxin’s bosses.8. Sunac Group, a tianjin-based real estate company owned by a former lenovo employee.The enterprise is the largest enterprise in the north, so far, there has not been a debt crisis.However, the development of cultural travel town is too much, to the greater impact of capital.9. Zhongliang Real Estate, a fujian real estate company, is a reliable enterprise in the eyes of the bank. It is rumored that it will sell its property company to Country Garden recently.It seems that funds are still relatively tight after all.This enterprise has a certain relationship with sansheng, which is also a member of fujian province. It is rumored that Sansheng is also in trouble. I do not know whether Zhongliang can escape this disaster.Shimao Group, a real estate company in Fujian province, was a top student in the eyes of the local government a few years ago. It was asked by the Fujian provincial government to restructure Fusheng Group, which was Mired in debt crisis. Now it seems that it is also in trouble.There are rumors in all corners of the country, Shimao group and Hong Kong banking session relationship quite deep, this time it seems that Hong Kong banking session is also doomed.Rongsheng Development, a real estate company based around Beijing in Hebei province, is doing better than CFLD.It is rumored that the Langfang municipal government will return the project funds owed to the enterprises as soon as possible to help them tide over the difficulties.