Notice to candidates!This is related to the higher education self-study examination in Fujian Province in April 2022

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The higher education Self-taught Examination for the first half of 2022 will be held from April 16 to 17. In order to protect the safety and health of examinees and examination staff, the requirements for epidemic prevention and control of the examination are hereby notified as follows.1. Due to the uncertainty of COVID-19, test and epidemic prevention requirements will be adjusted as the situation changes. Candidates are requested to pay close attention to the test and epidemic prevention requirements posted on the website of Fujian Provincial Education Examination Institute, wechat official account and the website and official account of the test center, and abide by the test and epidemic prevention regulations.If the local epidemic prevention and control department has other regulations, the epidemic prevention work shall be carried out in accordance with the local regulations.If the examinee fails to comply with the requirements, he/she shall bear the responsibility.Second, the examinee must on April 11 solstice 15 his own account and password, login to fujian province education testing site “digital service hall – self-study exam – fujian province higher education self-study exam organization test cadastral management information system”, truthfully fill in “education examinations in fujian province health declaration card and safety examination pledge” (please be sure to fill in, only fill in time,Please print your admission ticket (the front and back sides of the admission ticket are not allowed to be altered or written during use).Candidates should apply for “Fujian Health Code” through MINzhengtong APP in advance.Please wear a mask when taking public transport, avoid gathering in places with high population mobility, and avoid contact with people who come from high-risk areas of high school or have a history of living in or returning from abroad, have a history of contact with people from abroad, or have suspected symptoms.14 days before the test, candidates should carefully take daily temperature measurement and health monitoring. If they have symptoms such as fever, cough or fatigue, they should seek medical advice as soon as possible.As the epidemic situation is complex and changeable, candidates are not required to leave the prefecture-level city of the test site 14 days before the test.Please consider traffic, weather and other factors, arrange your travel time reasonably, avoid being late, and reduce the crowd gathering at the test site and surrounding areas.Candidates are advised to arrive at the test site one hour in advance, and accept the identity verification and physical health examination conducted by the staff according to the provisions.5. When entering the test site, candidates are required to present their admission ticket, valid RESIDENT id card, Candidate Safety Test Commitment letter, Fujian Health Code, communication big data travel card, and nucleic acid test negative report within 48 hours before the test (electronic or paper can show the test result after midnight on April 14).If the “Fujian Health code” is not a green code or the candidate has symptoms such as fever, he/she should obey the arrangement of the examination staff.Please bring your own mask to the test site, wear a mask when entering or leaving the test site, accept temperature detection consciously, and keep at least 1 meter away from others.Candidates must check their identity when entering the test site and examination room. Masks must be removed when receiving identification and verification. Wearing masks is not allowed to affect identification.7. Candidates are required to take off their own masks and put them in the “Non-examination Items Temporary place” outside the examination room before entering the examination room. They are not allowed to bring their own masks into the examination room after receiving the examination room security check.8. During the test period, candidates with abnormal physical conditions should report to the test center in time, obey the arrangements of the test center, and conduct professional review and evaluation in the temporary observation area according to the guidance of medical and health professionals. Those who are qualified to take the test will be guided by special personnel to the standby isolated test center to continue to take the test.Nine, after the examination, the examinee should leave the field in an orderly manner according to the instructions of the invigilator, keep the distance between personnel and reduce the conversation.The test center can arrange the departure of each test center at different peak times.10. Candidates who are unable to take the test due to COVID-19 can apply for refund of the registration fee according to relevant procedures.Examinees who deliberately conceal their illness or falsely report their fever history, travel history and contact history, as well as those who refuse to cooperate in the examination epidemic prevention and control will be dealt with in accordance with relevant laws and regulations.Fujian Provincial Education Examination Institute April 1, 2022