Thousands of renren snow show S shape, into god progress far tang three, bosaixi girl huaichun dont want to die?

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To fight the next plot, perhaps many people guessed, although tang third-class people show, but the towering snow next door too much many, only because as the main supporting role she wanted for the perfect moment, an angel of god nine appearance, also for bucket Luo Guanzhong presented more dou luo set, the original big sacrifice can not do.From official early exposure of PV, qian tao flow spoke very helpless words, seemingly a telekinesis dialogue posse, feel more like to himself, but after all, he and his posse of friendship is not deep, unilateral of the person you like, he will eventually come together with him, “sacrifice for inheritance” is their common destination, cruel set was exposed.Angel nine test open, thousands of renren snow show S shape shape opening is king fried?Popular actress stand towering snow again, although the controversy has been praised by the audience, but she was a inevitable appearance level has the strength of the strong, even if age older than leading group for several years, but her talent is amazing, than tang three the protagonist has bright eye, open assessment of the angel of god not to say ahead of time, now the progress bar is a surprising gap, her angel nine exam is coming?After the big show voice speech before, this time qian Ren snow began crazy show S shape figure again, as expected battle is the most bovine figure show way.Into god progress far jilt three tang, qian way down line down thousands of snow in the face of their peak towering dou luo, grandpa was repeatedly hit posed as a man of incredible, challenge their own limits for many times, the softness is not blowing, the appearance of posture is a special skill, first “peacock” skirt float in the sky, like being attacked again spread for sword kneeling, his body armor exposed the figure,Those thighs are pretty thick from the side, aren’t they?It seems that thousands of streams down the line opened the countdown, thousands of renren snow into god progress has pulled fast, far dumped Tang three to the sprint stage, but still can not escape the “golden liquid” spell!Talking through the air, Bossy?Peak the strong love and shall not be thousand way flow again, specious words that make a net friend think he added drama, his every song words, after all, a bobo the west, some people think that he is not here and posse west any intersection, official prefer eternal temple again, but in fact through such propaganda mode, obliquely to let the audience understand the mission of “big sacrifice”,It is also possible to lead the relationship between Thousands of road flow, Bosai west and Tang Chen. Before the feature film, he rarely mentioned his love for Bosai West, and when it came to the end of the line, it seems that it is not outrageous to mention the love of the peak of the strong?The great Sacrifice leads to the same destination, and Bothesi says he doesn’t want to die?Maybe two people simply don’t have the intersection in the affection on the road, but they exist as the great sacrifice and the high priest, are similar on guard duty, as the angel of the guidance of god and of the sea, they will sacrifice to god of life for the future, all roads lead to Rome’s tragic ending, there may be more reflected, in the words for the thousands of channel flow, granddaughter and no worry the talent he is died and no han,But the heart has to belong to the bosai now is very difficult to calmly die, the trailer in the sentence “I do not want to die” from her mouth?That would add to the drama, at least if she didn’t want to die.Young girl in love. Not easy, and Tang Chen fell in love but as a guardian for the sea island after such a long separation bucket keung law, posse west life is also very helpless, lifelong regret failed to the island, being not Tang Chen news reached its peak, the young girl in love. Not easy, especially can meet a two-way to people is more difficult, she and Tang Chen fell in love and can’t be together,After that side is long, before giving tang three sacrifice can not see Tang Chen, for her is a kind of regret, issued “do not want to die” the possibility is still some, the original work in the real sacrifice before she and Tang Chen met him also first left, then she had no regrets.In summary, dou Luo mainland animation plot has opened the way of high-speed operation, the protagonist group of Neptune test gradually warm, Tang three has begun to fight against the dragon Dou Luo, there qianren snow is strength first, another big show of her S-shaped figure, into god progress far behind Tang three!Feeling no wonder thousands of road flow sacrifice have no regrets, with the bosai is leading the girl huachun, has not met lover again now she is not very want to die, do she and Tang Chen abuse amour deep to be exposed?Stay tuned!