Our city New Year sample inspection results fresh out, please note check!

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Spring Festival is approaching, have you started to buy buy, eat eat mode?Are you overwhelmed by the dazzling array of delicious foods?So, is the food in the Spring Festival market safe?In order to further strengthen the supervision of food safety, prevent major food safety accidents, to ensure that the people have a happy and peaceful festival, January 10-24, the city market supervision bureau combined with the characteristics of seasonal consumption, for higher risk, large consumption of food varieties carried out special supervision and sampling inspection.The special sampling inspection involves 221 batches of hot selling food in 13 categories, including processed food, edible oil, meat products, wine, condiments, cakes, beverages, aquatic products and aquatic products, fruit products, quick-frozen food, candy, roasted food and convenience food.221 batches of qualified samples were detected, the qualified rate was 100%, and no unqualified samples were found.At the same time, the Municipal Administration of Market Supervision has issued three warm tips to you. Please read the following carefully.When purchasing food and raw materials, we should try to go to shopping malls, supermarkets and markets with complete licenses and standardized management.Carefully read the label content of pre-packaged food: commodity name, factory name, factory address, production date and shelf life, etc. It is recommended to buy food produced by regular large manufacturers.When buying edible agricultural products in the farmers’ market, we should choose the food stalls with hanging signs and publicity of agricultural products information, publicity information including origin, purchase time, etc.When shopping for food online, we should also check the seller’s food safety certificate, production date and shelf life of the product, and choose a close place to order, so as to shorten the food delivery time.When receiving food, check the package for obvious deterioration or other sensory abnormalities.Second, Spring Festival food booking needs careful.When consumers book New Year’s Eve dinner or dine out, they should choose restaurants with complete licenses and higher quantitative levels of food safety management.New Year’s Eve dinner is a fixed set meal in general, and it is best to choose dishes on the spot. Hot dishes should be selected more than cold dishes. Do not be confused by fancy dishes.What specific items of the New Year’s Eve meal should also be clear, consumers should keep good booking bills, written agreements, invoices and other vouchers, to avoid unnecessary consumption disputes due to telephone booking or poor consideration, resulting in insufficient evidence of late rights protection.Third, rational rights protection.Consumer is buying food when, must ask for normal bill to the person that sell, the content of bill wants all ready, specific, buy food to accord with place.Because consumer buys food hind, once produce food poisoning or other food accident, bill makes basis, producer, the person that sell has cannot shirk responsibility.After consumers buy food, if there is a food safety problem, consumers should first protect the site, try to maintain the original state of the purchased food, can identify the food batch number or production date and shelf life.Seal up poisoned or suspected poisoned food for inspection.If it’s really something wrong with consumers to buy or have to eat food, according to the “food safety law” the one hundred and forty-eighth regulation, production is not in conformity with the food safety standards or business is knowing that do not conform to the food safety standards, consumers in addition to the indemnification, can also require producers or sellers to pay the compensation cost three times as much as ten times or loss.Article source: Lishui Market supervision │