Holiday study | Xiao Fuxing: full of vigor and vitality of spring, is the dialogue between life and death

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Qingming Festival, also known as outing Festival, qingming festival, March festival, ancestor worship festival, festival in the middle of spring and late spring turn.Qingming Festival, people close to nature, outing, enjoy the fun of spring.For qingming outing understanding, Xiao Fuxing in “a section of a gas always close feelings” wrote: “Qingming outing, is to die people die at ease, to let the living people live better.The exuberant vigor and vitality of spring is a dialogue between life and death, the power of life to death, and an extension of death to life, a resurrection.”Coordination: Chang Junli Editor: Chang Junli, Wang Yulu, Wu Yu (internship) Voice: Tao Ye Packaging: Gu Donghao (internship) Produced by Xinhua News Agency Audio and video Department