Guessing lantern riddles, walking on stilts…The Lantern Festival in the museum

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Guess riddles.Rednet moment On February 15 – (reporter Zeng Zhen) guess lantern riddles, stilts, making yuanxiao……On the morning of February 15, an activity themed “Yuanxiao in a museum” was held in Shaoyang City Museum.More than 30 children and parents enjoyed a lively Lantern Festival.Walking on stilts.”Wow!This lantern riddle I unexpectedly guess right, still have gift, good happy ah!””You see, I was right, too.”Guess lantern riddles hanging scene yizhanzhan beautiful small lanterns, each lantern under a lantern riddles.Walking on stilts is a traditional folk sports game in China, which is also a very popular sports activity for children and parents.Children and parents in groups to compete, feel the fun of fun sports.Make yuanxiao on site.Make yuanxiao on site.The hand-made yuanxiao is most anticipated by children and their parents.Under the guidance of parents, children do yuanxiao together, feeling the atmosphere of the traditional festival, the scene of laughter.Looking at a plate of their own hands out of the yuanxiao, the children could not help but say, “I want to eat yuanxiao quickly!””It was my first time to take my children to play yuanxiao in the museum, so that people can have a deeper understanding of history, culture and traditional customs. I hope to hold more such activities in traditional festivals.”Citizens Mr. Zhang said.