Entertainment record hit male star and pure actress secret love for 3 years, had borrowed film improper behavior, Deng Lun innocent

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February 12, entertainment record top flow “eat melon girl Zhang Xiaohan” exposed melon!She posted a series of cartoons with the caption, “Another couple in Sanya, a popular male star and a straight man who cut off the female actress’s secret love story for 3 years,” which quickly aroused the speculation of Internet users.According to Zhang Xiaohan, the amour of pure female star and current red male star will be made public, but was denied by another entertainment record however.The other side said that the actor also has a girlfriend, it is impossible to disclose the relationship, and the actress did not know his affair.Several years ago, many of the star’s fans held a big birthday party for him in Beijing, the entertainment magazine said.That night, after the banquet, the actor went back to the hotel to rest, and Zhang xiaohan waited for the actress in the garage.Sure enough, the actress soon appeared in the hotel’s underground garage, Zhang xiaohan concluded that it must be to celebrate the boy’s birthday, otherwise in Beijing, how to go to the hotel.The couple’s relationship has been repeatedly reported in the media, but both sides have denied it, saying it is not true.Later, Zhang revealed that an extra actor had sent her a private message, claiming that the actor had touched a woman’s leg during filming, but that the actor did not touch her leg during filming.At the end of the cartoon, Zhang xiaohan asks netizens if there is anything they can do to hammer the couple.Looking through the comments section of Zhang Xiaohan’s news feed, Deng Lun and Li Qin received the most nominations, with many netizens listing various evidences of their relationship.It is reported that Li Qin appeared in Sanya at the end of December 2021, and posted cool photos of himself, while Deng Lun also happened to be in Sanya at that time.Presumably, Zhang Xiaohan said sanya another pair is this meaning.One netizen said deng and Li had been romantically linked as early as 2018, and were photographed together several times.The netizen also joked that the two were always pulling other people out of the way.As for the actor touching his leg, some netizens said that they had eaten the melon before, but unfortunately it could not be posted.In 2018, Deng Lun celebrated his 26th birthday in Beijing, and his fans did everything they could to celebrate his birthday. Some even prepared a birthday party for him.However, deng attended a birthday party prepared by the cast and her friend Ma Sichun was also present. It is not clear whether deng attended a birthday party prepared by fans.If it is true, I wish Deng Lun and Li Qin happiness. If it is false, I hope they can respond to it so as not to arouse groundless speculation from netizens.# Entertainment record broke the news #, # popular male star and pure female star #, # Secret love for 3 years #