Zhengzhou RV Show, Qixing rv is worth a look

2022-07-28 0 By

Zhengzhou SALoon car exhibition is coming, among which Qi Xing saloon car will also be present with the new saloon car.The name of Qixing saloon car I believe we all have some understanding, today brought this saloon car is Qixing hao Yun version FT2321-1, let’s have a look.The biggest feature of this model is the use of top + side extension design, not only access to the basement, but also in the choice of materials is a real boutique small C type rv.The Qixing saloon car is based on the New Ford Quanshun. It is a self-propelled C-type saloon car. The saloon car uses aluminum stamping compound carriage structure.It is the real domestic steel and aluminum plate box, comprehensively improve the vehicle safety level, escort your journey.Relying on lightweight design, due to the small density and relatively light weight of aluminum plate and aluminum skeleton material, aluminum plate splicing body is more conducive to vehicle lightweight, which can greatly reduce the weight of the rv.Qi Xing Hao Yun VERSION FT2321-1 (new Quanshun small C) saloon car has a fresh and beautiful appearance. The white body is equipped with black and red drawing, which makes the slightly stiff body more energetic.The size of the vehicle is 5995×2250×2280 (mm), the wheelbase is 3300mm, and the height after lifting is 2280mm.The height of the vehicle is no longer restricted due to the jacking structure.Access to the basement can also easily lower the height.Daily driving and parking more convenient, improve driving stability and safety, fully expand the car space.Equipped with ford 2.0T petrol engine, matching ford’s original imported 6-speed automatic transmission, it has a maximum power of 202 kW and a maximum torque of 300 NM.In line with national six emission standards, greatly improve fuel efficiency, save energy costs.Safety configuration equipped with ABS, EBD, ESC body stability system, BA brake assist system, double airbags and other intelligent assistance, blue card C license can be driven, the height of the vehicle is less than 2.3 meters, lifting roof design and wing expansion design perfectly solve the height limit problem.The interior of the car is warm, comfortable and stylish. After the roof rises, the space is relatively spacious and bright, which successively includes forehead bed, reception area, rear extension bed, bar area and bathroom area, which can meet the needs of 4-5 people.After opening the top, the top of the cab will also form a top double bed, the size of 2000mm*1400mm, equipped with privacy curtains, the top is also equipped with electric skylight, comprehensive guarantee of comfortable rest inside the car.The interior function control panel is located at the outer edge of the top bed, integrating the display status of all vehicles at a glance.The booth is a set of 2+1 seating layouts.Compared with traditional saloon car seats, the seats here use passenger car seats, long-distance ride comfort is better.It is worth mentioning that the single seat beside the side door of the carriage also uses a more comfortable, more luxurious aviation independent seat, with electric adjustment and other functions, comfort is no less than commercial vehicles.The main lounge area is a vertical double bed.After opening the side expansion, the size of the longitudinal bed can reach 1500mm*2100mm, which can easily meet the needs of two adults. With privacy curtains, privacy can be increased.One side of the middle door is the kitchen area, equipped with combined cabinets, 800W induction cooker, circular stainless steel wash basin, 48L rv refrigerator opposite the table, which can meet the needs of simple catering and cooking.The area is also equipped with safe and convenient Daikin frequency conversion air conditioning, rapid cooling, quiet noise reduction, take care of your healthy sleep, open a warm winter and cool summer comfortable life.The bathroom features a pioneering sunken structure that provides a shower, wash basin, Setford toilet, and positive/negative switching fan.The luggage compartment at the back of the carriage is more practical, it can easily be fitted with things needed for travel.Outside the car body also provides complete rv equipment, such as outdoor pull stove, 22-inch external TV, external console, outdoor LED lights, awnings, etc., can provide good convenience for the rv life.The electrified configuration is equipped with 2000W charging inverter all-in machine, 400Ah lithium battery, 300W solar panel, 220V AC output socket, 15m external power line.The above is the detailed configuration introduction of this Qixing Grand Yun version FT2321-1. If you are interested, you can come to the Zhengzhou RV Exhibition from March 17 to 20. The exhibition address is Henan Sports Center.