“Triple plus code” runs out the “acceleration” of serving the people, and Qingdao North District injects “red energy” into grassroots governance

2022-07-28 0 By

To further improve service ability for the people, shibei cieme road street basic old-age basic party attentively, by optimizing the grid service, strengthening the construction of basic safeguard, strengthen civilization “triple overweight” seeking “optimum” grassroots governance, enhance the party leading the grassroots governance performance, ran out of the service for the people “acceleration”.Grid services “scale up” to store grassroots “energy pools”.Jimo Road Street persists in improving governance execution with party building organization, compacting the “power spindle”, and consolidating the grid position foundation. By establishing a service platform, pooling superior resources, and stimulating the “red” kinetic energy, the grid service level is constantly improved, and a grass-roots governance pattern with linkage between the upper and lower levels, precision and efficiency is created.Through the grid platform, has gathered up the urban construction, cultural huimin, financial knowledge, psychological services, family education and so on more than 50, “red” resources for grid into many industries, the multi-dimensional specialized power, into play at the same time a number of active in the party line of the party member cadre, actively carry out thematic party day activity, voluntary services, such as factory build,Combined with the “ten thousand Party members to light the flag” action in the grid to solve the problems in the lives of the masses, the fine management, accurate service to achieve the hearts of the people, to achieve “free from worry” benefit people’s lives.Grassroots protection “increase”, build a strong safety “protection line”.In order to guarantee the grass-roots level, Jimo Road Sub-district gives full play to the role of grass-roots Party organizations as a fighting fortress, adheres to the implementation of responsibilities, supervision coverage and system implementation, and strives to protect the lives, health and safety of the people.In the prevention and control of the epidemic, the community has set up responsibility areas for Party members to lay a solid organizational foundation for the prevention and control of the epidemic.Follow-up specialists were set up in 7 communities, and key personnel were strictly identified in an “online + offline” manner, and the whole closed-loop management was strictly implemented, with “point-to-point” transfers.Communities gave full play to the role of “Party building + grid”, set up precise vaccination promotion sites, and notified residents of vaccination through phone calls, short messages, wechat official accounts and other means, striving to ensure that no one was missed, and ensure the orderly and vigorous progress of vaccination work.In the security guarantee, the street will do a good job of safety inspection as a normal work. On the one hand, it will constantly improve the emergency management system of production safety, improve the ability of quick response, emergency rescue and collaborative operation of production safety accidents, increase inspection efforts, and strive to eradicate safety risks. On the other hand, it will increase propaganda efforts.Through the fire Protection Day, national Security Day and other theme days to carry out centralized publicity, guide residents and business households to do a good job of self-prevention, create a strong atmosphere of safety awareness, further build a solid defense line of safety.We need to step up efforts to promote civilization and improve people’s livelihood.To help the construction of high quality urban area, the cieme road street follow the footsteps of shibei district party committee, the district government, strive to create beautiful city environment, good social order, human atmosphere of harmonious and civilized citizen quality, the new external image, strengthen the linkage and horizontal exchange, combined with “one line working group” sinking grid, to carry out good to create civilized city.Street cohesion “front-line working group”, “red partner”, street organs party cadres, community and grid party members backbone, volunteers and other forces actively carry out environmental health centralized renovation, safety and civilization inspection work, using weekend to carry out patriotic health campaign, based on the actual comprehensive implementation of the jurisdiction.Big investigation, big remediation “;Key activities, focus on creating a “clean order clean beauty” city appearance environment.Street, meanwhile, actively carry out “dandelion” volunteer service, and actively carry out various forms of publicity and education activities into grid, through the grid panel, door-to-door visits, “garbage classification knowledge into campus” fusion “online and off-line propaganda new forms such as,” moistens everything silently “advocate people to develop a healthy lifestyle, to build beautiful homes.The next step, the party construction of cieme road street will continue to lead the grassroots governance as the gripper, give full play to the role of grass-roots party organizations fighting forts and cutting edge exemplary role of party members, find the heart of the people actually doing for the people and further woven secret organization mechanism, innovative working methods, improve service ability, strengthening the happiness and satisfaction.