The first ethical lecture of 2022 will be held by Shangluo Trading Company

2022-07-28 0 By

Shangluo News Network: Today (March 29) afternoon, Shangluo City Trading Company held the first phase of 2022 ethics lecture.This activity is divided into five links: reciting classics, learning models, telling stories, making promises and sending good luck.Participants first watched the video “Anti-cancer Kitchen for 1 Yuan” to learn the protagonist’s belief in hard life.Later, Chen Linhong, Nan Xinlin, He Jing, Liu Wenbo, Niu Qi, Wang Ke and others shared their personal experiences about good people and good deeds around them, hoping that everyone could take good people and good deeds as examples and become moral propagators, practitioners and beneficiaries.Finally, the staff also sent a small gift to everyone, calling on everyone to have a good heart, do good deeds, be a good person, have good karma.In the activity, the staff of the company also wrote and directed the performance to drink after driving accident, the parties all regret for the theme of the sketch “Too Late to Regret”, warned everyone to cherish life, do not drink driving, led the warm atmosphere of the audience.The whole event was orderly, warm and touched, so that all the participants received a baptism of the heart.We all said that the moral lecture hall carried forward the spirit of example with the real good deeds around us, so that the soul could be purified in the moral lecture hall. In the future, we would use our sincere heart to be a hardworking and kind investor and a conscientious investor.