Yanglou Town, Xiaoxian County: Build a strong defense line for epidemic prevention and control at the grass-roots level

2022-07-27 0 By

In order to resolutely win the battle against epidemic prevention and control, Yanglou Town, Xiaoxian County, further strengthened the leading role of Party building, effectively built a strong defense line for epidemic prevention and control in towns and townships, and firmly shoulded the responsibility of epidemic prevention and control.Efforts were made to promote the epidemic prevention and control knowledge in various ways, including Posting anti-epidemic propaganda billboards, grid wechat groups, loudspeakers in village departments, mobile publicity vehicles, and face-to-face publicity at home, so as to guide people to improve their awareness and ability of self-protection.Villagers were advised to “get vaccinated early, wear masks, go out less and do not gather together” to eliminate blind spots for receiving epidemic prevention and control information, and disseminate epidemic trends, precautions and prevention and control methods to every household to eliminate hidden dangers of spreading the virus.Meetings on promoting epidemic prevention and control work were held for many times, during which all party members of the town conducted in-depth study on the spirit of important instructions on epidemic prevention and control at provincial, municipal and county levels, and made it the most urgent political task to resolutely win the battle against epidemic prevention and control.The four-tier grid responsibility has been further implemented, and township officials have been dispatched to each village to carry out epidemic prevention and control. They have been responsible for guarding the soil and ensuring that there are no blind spots or blind spots within their jurisdiction.Give full play to the vanguard and demonstration leading role of party members, party members and cadres to seriously study the epidemic prevention and control and the knowledge of the vaccination, use scientific and effective method for prevention and control, positive sinking into villages villagers directional contact grid, once, a hard, a village-by-village dig deep, to ensure that the closed loop form data, do the epidemic prevention and control of various kinds of parameter base number of qing dynasty, Ming.With a firm grasp of key issues and a problem-oriented approach, we have made steady progress in epidemic prevention and control.Efforts should be made to overcome obstacles, breakpoints and difficulties in epidemic prevention and control by focusing on key issues such as tracing the source of epidemic control, material preparation, nucleic acid testing, personnel isolation and vaccination.We need to work together to improve nucleic acid testing services, strengthen health education, take a proactive approach to risk prevention, and make a combination of measures to strengthen the defense line for epidemic prevention and control.(Li Leicheng afar)