Recognize the grave situation, overcome paralysis and fight the epidemic

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On March 31, Guo Zhenggui, Secretary of the CPC Xiangxi Municipal Committee of CPC and first leader of the Leading Group for COVID-19 prevention and control of the CPC Xiangxi Municipal Committee, presided over a meeting of the Leading group for COVID-19 prevention and control of the CPC Xiangxi Municipal Committee of CPC, to study and implement the spirit of the meeting, listen to the report on the epidemic prevention and control work of the prefecture, and make arrangements for the current work.Guo stressed that efforts should be made to fully understand the grim situation of epidemic prevention and control, overcome paralysis, war-weariness, fluke mentality and slack attitude, and make unremitting efforts to prevent and control the epidemic.Long Xiaohua, Deputy Secretary of CPC Prefectures Committee, Governor and leader of CPC Prefectures COVID-19 Prevention and control Leading Group, and Li Ping, Chairman of Prefectures CPPCC, attended the meeting.Relevant state leaders attended the meeting.The meeting stressed that to fully understand the current epidemic prevention and control this situation complex, tightens the epidemic prevention and control this string, adhere to the “outside the input, the rebound” total strategy and “dynamic reset” general policy not shaken, resolutely implement the “three sink” “three control” “three bat” “two to create” and “four the first” job requirements, to strengthen the emergency disposal,Efforts will be made to trace the source of epidemic control and coordinate regional investigations, and community prevention and control efforts will be carried out in a strict and meticulous manner to maximize the impact of prevention and control at the lowest cost.The meeting stressed that to strictly control the high-speed railway station, railway station, long-distance bus station, highway intersection, national and provincial arterial road and provincial boundary in and out of Xiangxi important channels, xiangxi gate staring death watch.We must strictly implement the system of reporting first, checking immediately upon entering the state, checking immediately upon entering the state, and controlling immediately upon entering the state to ensure that no mistakes are made at the entry gate.The meeting stressed strict control over gatherings such as meetings, activities, training, performances and exhibitions, and insisted that “red matters should be handled slowly, white matters should be handled simply and banquets should not be held.”We will strictly manage rural areas, schools and other key places, and strictly implement prevention and control measures such as wearing masks when entering or leaving public places, scanning “place codes” and checking travel cards when entering.For people coming to The state, especially those from medium-high risk areas, it is necessary to discover, report, control and provide services at the first time, and manage people with red code and yellow code strictly in accordance with the policy requirements.All units around the country should carry out a good knock on the door action, door to door investigation, so that the head clear, clear location, clear journey, clear health status.To prevent the spread of the epidemic to rural areas, it is recommended that people in prefectural areas do not go out of prefectural areas during the Tomb-sweeping Day, and friends and relatives from other places do not return to their hometowns or visit cross-regional tombs.The meeting stressed strengthening supervision and supervision of the implementation of the epidemic prevention and control work across the prefecture, comprehensively identifying risks and weak links in the prevention and control work, and plugging loopholes in a timely manner.We need to comprehensively improve our ability to dispatch and command, conduct nucleic acid testing, equip quarantine sites, guarantee medical supplies and medical forces, provide medical treatment, and prevent and control diseases by the masses. We need to speed up vaccination, especially among the elderly, and build a solid immune barrier.Red Xiangxi client author | Fu Dan editor | Yang Shifang producer | Chen Hao Copyright belongs to the original author, pay tribute to the original