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2022-07-27 0 By

As the development of “we media” becomes more and more popular and involves more and more fields, various platforms launch content support plans for agriculture, rural areas and farmers, making “we media” of agriculture, rural areas and farmers become one of the hottest fields at present.Here is a list of people with more than 5 million followers in 2021.The first, Plum seven fans of 47,441 million a fairy after 90 girl, in each platform do have more than 50 million fans, she sometimes a thick cloth waist don sickle mountain cutting grass, sometimes wearing Hanfu drunk peach blossom wine, live in the lens, also live in the landscape.Second, Pan Laolao fan volume two thousand seven hundred, 510000, in his video always see sincere and friendly smile, grandson with their own hands to make a lot of delicious, whether how simple ingredients, under his hand can always into authentic cuisine, the sense of reality and grounding gas deeply attracted the attention of the net friend of rural life, in just one year,His grandma already has tens of millions of fans.Third place, Shu Peach sister fans 21.315 million.The genuine smile, coupled with Trump’s non-standard “do and talk” mode, gives the video a human touch.The content of husband Lichun bao’s overseas history is more realistic, while Peaches Sister’s video is more like the epitome of millions of ordinary rural families. It is precisely by seizing this point that bao gained more than 10 million followers within a short period of six months.