Down 41%!Xinyu Fairy Lake public security successfully completed the Spring Festival security mission

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During the Spring Festival, all the auxiliary police of Xianxianhu Branch of Xinyu Public Security Bureau gave up their vacations and stuck to their posts. They performed their duties faithfully and faithfully in security and stability maintenance, rescue services for the masses and cracking down on crimes, which effectively guaranteed the overall stability of social security in Xianxianhu District and created a good social environment for the local people to celebrate the Spring Festival.During the Spring Festival, a total of 23 cases were reported to the police in the district, down 41 percent compared with the same period last year, and no major cases of influence occurred in the district.This safe report card fully illustrates the fairy lake livable industry, also again confirmed the “public security assessment of the province’s first” is really dry out, which embodies the hard work and sweat of all the auxiliary police, more and every care to support the public security fairy lake people are inseparable.The Party Committee of the Branch attaches great importance to the security and stability maintenance work of the Spring Festival, deeply mobilized and deployed, held special meetings for many times, formulated plans in advance, and ensured that the security work was promoted vigorously and implemented in practice.2 drums morale the loving care before and after the Spring Festival, the fairy lake district party committee secretary Zhou Junhua, li-yun pan, director of the fairy lake district party committee, deputy secretary of the district management committee, the municipal public security bureau party committee member and deputy director, traffic police division marshal yuan jun, fairy lake district party committee member, branch secretary of the party committee, director of hai-zhu zhang and other team members to a line to see condolences to the people at the grass-roots level and auxiliary police,Giving them care is a great morale booster.3 patrol guard peace during the Spring Festival, branch of “harmonious” 2022 special action 1 and epidemic prevention and control work, maximum limit will police jurisdiction over traffic accident black point, scenic spots and personnel intensive place, at the same time, do a good job in “three on three” actively to persuade the masses not gambling, less aggregation, ensure good jurisdiction the vital interests.More than 400 people were patrolled and searched, and more than 30 conflicts and disputes were resolved. More than 50 police officers and 200 police cars were dispatched.4 relief services warm the hearts of the people when the masses are in need, when the people are in danger, the fairy Lake public security auxiliary police can arrive at the disposal site in the first time, heart with affection to help them resolve the danger.During the Spring Festival, a total of more than 100 people were visited, more than 40 police officers were dispatched, and 18 good deeds were done for the people.Delta on February 4, view nest the policemen rescue a drunk personnel delta on February 7, nine police station police put the missing girl home 5 household registration window close not returning home for Spring Festival personnel is more, the deal with household business demand is bigger, branch to do during the Spring Festival for the convenience of household business service work, continue to provide efficient and convenient services to the masses,We will improve people’s satisfaction and happiness.During the period, a total of more than 30 free id cards, more than 50 people service.Cracking down on Crime Solving and Protecting Stability The sub-bureau has always maintained a posture of cracking down hard on cases of property infringement, severely cracking down on all kinds of illegal and criminal activities such as online gambling, telecom fraud and “theft, robbery and fraud”.Up to now, the “Changfeng 3” deployed by the sub-bureau focused on the special action to crack down on 32 cases, destroyed 1 black and gray gang, took criminal compulsory measures against 5 people, seized 12 mobile phones and stolen money of more than 10,000 YUAN, effectively ensuring the safety of people’s property.7. The Sub-bureau actively implemented the work of fire and fire prohibition, organized civilian auxiliary police to participate in the inspection of streets and alleys, carried out the propaganda, inspection and persuasion work of fire and fire prohibition, and ensured the “fresh” Spring Festival among the people in the area.During the festival, the precinct dispatched more than 200 police officers, more than 20 vehicles, carried out 15 safety inspections, and persuaded the ban on burning and releasing 16 times.Peace is an eternal theme adhere to is another reunion in the New Year to protect the peace of the fairy lake on the road fairy Lake public security will continue to forge ahead source: Fairy Lake public security