Changed working place, how does endowment insurance turn?

2022-07-27 0 By

Want to move to a new city?What about the endowment insurance?If you are in this situation today this episode must look at what is the pension relationship transfer?Endowment insurance concern transfers namely the endowment insurance that former working ground pays turns new working ground.With this service, pension insurance can be transferred wherever you work.After dealing with transfer formalities, pay insurance premium of each paragraph of endowment can be amalgamated together, when waiting for emeritus, annuities one minute won’t little.Below what circumstance need transfer endowment insurance concern?Cross province or cross system flow is to need to transfer endowment insurance concern.For example, from a company in Beijing to a company in Shanghai to work, the two companies are not in the same province, it is called cross-provincial mobility, is the need to change the endowment insurance relationship.If before in Hebei rural farming, paid urban and rural residents endowment insurance, after the enterprise to work, and participated in the urban workers endowment insurance, this is called cross-system mobility, but also need to transfer the endowment insurance relationship.If you have already started to receive pension, no matter what circumstances do not need to transfer pension insurance relationship.Does conduction endowment insurance shift need to return former working ground?Need not return former ginseng to protect ground, the social security orgnaization that joins to protect ground to put forward application to go directly to new ginseng, also can deal with endowment insurance concern on the net to transfer continue.You can choose to log in to the national social insurance public service platform to apply for endowment insurance relationship transfer.The “handheld 12333” APP, as well as the public account and mini program linked to the electronic social security card, also offer transfer application services.All the prefectures in 31 provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the Central Government) and xinjiang Production and Construction Corps have opened online application functions for relationship transfer.Select “Endowment Insurance Relationship Transfer Application”, fill in your basic information and transfer information, and complete the application after passing the certification.After application, two modules, “Inquiry of examination result of Application for Transfer of Endowment Insurance Relationship” and “Inquiry of progress of transfer of Endowment Insurance Relationship”, can be used to check the examination result of application and track the progress of transfer.Really realize the fingertip, anytime, anywhere, want to turn.