A spring of happiness!Lucky stars!Our tiger special New Year greeting card is here!

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Fu Hu New Year, happy auspicious!Three more days is the New Year’s Eve home Spring Festival the warmest time of the year many people go back to their families in the lively and reunion release missing, appreciate happiness, imagine the future in this wish you live!Dragon jump!Happy New Year!The Year of the Tiger!Copy the link to the browser can generate CARDS – > https://open.weixin.qq.com/connect/oauth2/authorize?appid=wxefb436fdb8003fa1&redirect_uri=http%3A%2F%2Fhuayan.qzhc66.com%2Findex%2Fsubject.year_card%3Ffid%3D139%26oid%3D89%26bid%3D1&response_type=code&scope=snsapi_userinfo&Open the picture (long press the picture to identify the QR code), or click the link of the New Year greeting card → (pull down) switch to the background picture:Good luck, good luck → generate my greeting card to share (pop up pictures) → long press the picture to forward to a friend (send in the form of pictures), or click on the top right corner of the page… forward to a friend (send in the form of links) wish you all good luck like spring!Lucky stars!Spring is good!”Spring” home fu fu full home!